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The resort of Krasnaya Polyana launched the campaign: a daily ski pass for the price of the walking ticket

Travel portal 18.12.2019 at 19:20

Travel News

From 18 to 27 December the Krasnaya Polyana Resort launches a special pre-holiday rates for skiing: the cost of a day ski pass will be 1450 rubles for adults and 850 rubles for a child. Thus, visiting the Resort of Krasnaya Polyana in December, guests have the opportunity not only one of the first to open the winter season 2019 / 2020, but also to ride on the slopes all day for the price of the walking ticket. When you purchase a one-day ski pass in the online store on the official website of the Resort of Krasnaya Polyana on each ticket there is a discount of 5%.

it is Also to 27 December in Krasnaya Polyana a special offer "ride as a family." When buying a day ski passes for two children and two adult guests can enjoy the tariff of "Family" with a total cost of four tickets 3750 rubles per ski day. You can purchase tickets at this rate only at the ticket offices of the resort in the Meadow or in the Meadow 540 960.

Recall that the ski season resort of Krasnaya Polyana started first among the other mountain resorts of Sochi, December 6. In addition to its ski pistes and snow Park in the valley of the Circus-2, in a Clearing opened 2200 highland swing over the precipice at the amusement Park Gorky Fly, and once again the opportunity to paraglide, committing a classic smooth flight or extreme with acrobatic figures in the air on a backdrop of stunning panoramic views.