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Center wheel Aligner 3D

Autosta 16.12.2019 at 10:02

Car Service for Marshal Kazakov. SOUTHWEST

Center alignment 3D wheel at competitive prices in the Krasnoselsky district of St. Petersburg. Wheel Aligner 3D allows You to produce diagnostics and wheel alignment of your car. The gathering collapse of 3D is done on professional equipment by experienced professionals. To make the gathering collapse 3D in St. Petersburg at an affordable price — just in the service station Autosta on Kazakova 29.

the Center alignment of 3D in St. Petersburg

the most advanced technology of affordable prices

cars — front axle 1300 rubles,

two-axis 1800

crossovers, SUVs, minivans — front axle 1500 rubles,

two-axis — 2000 rubles

high precision of 0.01 degrees time saving

the Service is provided for passenger cars, SUVs and minivans both domestic and foreign production.

Every vehicle for security purposes, the need for adjustment of wheel alignment. This alignment angles that affect the degree of drivability. Proper alignment directly affects the degree of wear and tear on the tyres and on fuel consumption.

Signs of suspension geometry: an Abrupt change of the horizontal position of the steering wheel spokes; a Tangible force on the steering wheel when driving straight ahead or care of the machine in the direction when the brake is released; the Loss of stability when hitting bumps in the road; Increased noise from the tires when driving.

the Change initially exposed corners of installation of wheels it may happen as a result of unforeseen circumstances. 3D similarity collapse may be necessary during the deformation of the upper and lower parts of the body by accidents, severe knocks. This manipulation is necessary when hitting a big pothole, well, border. Also the similarity collapse, the price of which is available to all, it is necessary to do when repairing and replacing suspension components and steering.

Indications for alignment of the wheels of the car: preferably every 20 to 25 thousand km mileage after repairs to the chassis when replacing tires, their rapid or uneven abrasion when changing the clearance cars violation handling, the car is bad "holds" the road (the car is sideways when driving straight ahead or when it enters the pit or track). and the steering wheel when driving on a straight section of the changed position If warped discs or broken suspension after hitting an obstacle

Even if You don't find any of the above symptoms, checking and adjustment of alignment should be done at least once a year. In all cases, timely preventive maintenance to minimize the risk of emergency situations.

Our unblocker equipped with the latest 3D equipment for diagnosis and adjustment of camber, which is:

allows to make measurements with millimeter precision*. contains technical information on most models of cars. save time, approximately three times compared to other stands (not 3D)*.

* Stands 3D does not require regular alignment lifts and cameras. They are easy to use. Compensation beating disks is a simple rolling wheels. Average time measure the angles of caster, camber and toe suspension almost any car — about 15-25 minutes.

to get More detailed procedure of the alignment

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