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Andrew Cruz - Survivor (Audiobook)

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Humanity was sick. Always. Sick and recovered. But not this time. And the reason is not an epidemic, but the vaccine, which was designed for this infection is to save people.

Managed to survive those who would not or could not obtain vaccination, a tiny fraction of the millions, yesterday inhabited the planet.

Survived and was in hell — because all the others have ceased to be men, turned into monsters, psychos, beasts, driven by two instincts — to kill and devour.

Denis Maksimov, Pro security and special operations, wanted to come out of "retirement" and settle in Spain.

But instead, again took up arms, becoming a witness of the terrible Disaster.

the Witness because they managed to escape in the first days and see the collapse of the world,

party — because now we have to live, or rather survive, to look for the rest of the normal people and to save their loved ones.