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Frequent faulty iPhone X

Daily news from the world of mobile devices 17.12.2019 at 20:48 - News , reviews smartphones, PDA and mobile devices

IPhone X is among the most costly and technically complex smartphones from Apple. Fans of Apple gadgets was expecting its release eagerly, but after receiving the device on sale turns out he is also the most problematic model.

experts say, For X most often for repairs in comparison with earlier devices of the manufacturer.

Common problems X iPhone

Initially, the owners of IPhone X had any questions only to the design of the device. Many users found it difficult to get used to his "cutouts" for the sensors, placed in the upper part of the body. Over time, the discontent is gone, but replaced by a new trouble associated with the release of the smartphone down. The most common breakdowns of the apparatus are:

Broken display. As a result of falls or blows on the screen there are dead pixels or strips, the device begins to work correctly. The problem lies in the sensitivity matrix from the iPhone, which thus responds to even the slightest damage. A failure in the work. In connection with the errors in the software of the smartphone is not included. Malfunction is often associated with downloading pirated software, adding flash is locked to the unit or independent reset. Voice speaker. The silence in the tube is usually caused by water getting into the case. Instead of a faulty ribbon cable can be easily installed new, but it often leads to problems with recognition. the Reason is the release in which the manufacturer closes the access to this function if you change the dynamics. Sometimes failure occurs due to clogging dynamics. Mesh positioned within its design, can become clogged with particles of debris and dust, which leads to interference or complete loss of hearing. A quick discharge of the battery. Resource of the modern batteries is 1.5–2 years, after which they fail under the action of external factors. Most often the wear occurs due to poor quality charger made in China, which adversely affects the electronic components of the smartphone. As a result, the battery slowly charged, and back cover of the device swells. Damage to the rear window. Back cover iPhone X is made of glass, but it is not the best way affects the reliability of the gadget. The manufacturer has provided the possibility of its replacement, which significantly reduces the cost of the repair device. If you completely change the rear housing, the restoration will cost much more.

All of these damage requires a professional and competent approach, so for the repair is better to contact an official authorized service center of Apple.

what is the danger of self-repair smartphone

If you see any problems you should hire the services of specialists. An attempt to eliminate the fault may entail a more complex breakdown and increased repair costs. For example, cleaning of the mesh MIC often leads to perforation and reduction in the quality of the sound, and installing a new rear cover may damage other fragile parts.

In most cases, the IPhone X suffers from such trouble as broken glass. To avoid this problem, buying a smartphone it is advisable to install protective covers and screens. If the gadget is crashed or stopped working, it is better to give it to an authorized Apple service center where I work are masters of their craft.