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Great arcade game Asterix & Obelix XXL 3: The Crystal Menhir

Daily news from the world of mobile devices 19.12.2019 at 15:23 - News , reviews smartphones, PDA and mobile devices

I Recently became the happy owner of a Nintendo console Switch Lite and have a question about the games for it. Tried to play in advanced role-playing titles, I realized that the console was not created for them: too often in the road distract you from the gameplay, and the dialogue is almost unreadable on the tiny screen. In the end, decided that it was better to leave such games to thoughtful gaming for the PC, and the console is limited to casual arcades. And just then came this toy with your favorite characters from childhood, and even fully translated into Russian language (thanks to the "buke"), which will meet extremely rarely in games on Switch". I did not oppose fate and installed it on its stand Asterix & Obelix XXL 3: The Crystal Menhir.

the Game is a sequel to two games of bearded year of release. The story tells about the adventures of two rambunctious Gauls (who would have thought), which opposed the insidious invaders come from the eternal city. The Romans are unable traditional methods (fire and sword) to take home village of our heroes, so I decided to resort to cunning and magic, captured the mysterious obelisk. Our soldiers will go on an exciting hike to snatch the magic stone from the clutches of the villains, on the way to decimating legions of soldiers and herds of wild boars.

in Fact, as to be expected from games of this genre – not so deep story, but it nicely complements the gameplay. In addition, it is now possible to communicate with the NPC that even deeper into the magical colorful world. And, of course, in place of the brand of humor that is sure to make you smile.

Graphics and sound

Graphics done in a nice cartoon style: all reminiscent of the animated cartoon. Instead of the traditional third person view, the camera rose above, showing an isometric view. The colors are bright, juicy, a lot of additional objects like bushes, barrels, crates and animals, some of which are destructible. Due to the small resolution, the outlines of objects are slightly blurred. The game works at 30 FPS, the character animation is quite smooth, but the scrolling is sometimes jerky, although there are adaptations worse. On the background of soft music, all the cinematics and dialogues voiced and translated, and the feelings, the actors who voiced the cartoon.


Under our control are both the title character, between which to switch, to pass some parts, and in part can only reach a certain Gaul. However, we should admit that such moments not so much. While control one character, the second passively nearby, almost without combat support.

the Gameplay consists of several parts: platforming, fighting and solving simple puzzles. Unfortunately, the transition to isometric view significantly reduced the first aspect, and jumping is now only available forward, not in height. The characters are basic punch (or belly), accumulating energy, and a few special moves (each character has his own set), it spending. Thus, each gall has its own characteristics of the battle: Asterix hits fast but weak, and Obelix – all places with a couple of strokes, but does so very slowly. Also the first can several times during the mission to drink a magic potion that temporarily increases speed and damage. As we all know, Obelix in childhood fell into a VAT of magic potion, so doping does not give him, but faithful doggie Obsession protects the owner and bites enemies. In battles and in the solutions to the puzzles and helps the magical Menhir, depending on selected abilities, he can stun, burn, or freeze enemies.

If the cunning Romans would still be able to injure our subjects, we can arrange hunting of hogs, having a couple of servings of delicious and nutritious meat to restore health. The enemies here are quite many and varied: soldiers, officers, shield and so on, each with its own characteristics. They have effectively used the numerical superiority, pushing and announce heroes. If the game seems too difficult or easy, it is possible to change the difficulty level.

For each character available has its own flow, which is at the dealer for the collected on the locations of the local coin – the helmets of the Romans. As in any good arcade game, the missions are hidden collectibles that you can find using attention and logic, and with some help Obsession. To each mission is given a few side quests, doing that you can get more rewards. Gamplay even more variety to the stealth mission. Overall, the gameplay is simple and fun, helps to relieve the brain on the way home, and to break away from him pretty hard.


the presence of the game's two main characters as it hints at the possibility of a joint passage, and really, the two of us it becomes doubly interesting and more fun. Low entry threshold, dynamic gameplay, nice graphics and animation make a great family night, along with a child (or a girl) sending the crowd of Roman flying in the clouds. However, this would require the presence of "older" Switch, or at least additional jononov. However, you can simply choose to play any other console or PC, since the game was released on all current platforms. Summary

Asterix & Obelix XXL 3: The Crystal Menhir was interesting and exciting game. Constant alternation of gameplay elements and mini-puzzles, hordes of enemies, colorful special moves and hilarious animations and humor will not get bored. It could work as a great taymkiller in the way and for a pleasant pastime in a circle of family members. Toy game and transfers directly to my childhood, being one of the best arcade games in recent times.