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Review of the film "the Invasion" Reviews 29.12.2019 at 09:09

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We were hacked aliens; the sequel "Gravity", to some extent, the first film even better.

By the autumn of 2019, capova alien technology Russia really went technical space parts – to the extent that University lectures about artificial intelligence has ceased to be purely theoretical, and the notion of "Russian-galactic product," no longer seems an oxymoron (but economic sanctions are still extended, so as to prevent the obtained of good foreign experts in our country, of course, refused).

meanwhile, Julia Lebedeva is now running only with the guards; one a former boyfriend and did not recover until after a stroke, but the other found a job, arranged the house and started a garden. "Last time ended badly," recalls the case of Chariton, offering the girl out of harm's way somewhere to fly ("In universe a lot of habitable planets"), as "a force that grows in it can become a threat to all". "Who do you value more: your place or my daughter?!" – puts the question bluntly father-General.

On the "Invasion" we can speak from two positions. The first is the most obvious: it made it cool and powerful. Talented! Professional! So good nothing to complain about!

to anything other than fatally flawed Ideas. And the discussion from the other side.

to put it bluntly, "the Invasion" – to perfection the perfect example of State Propaganda, it is a phenomenal celebration. It was about this film once said our grandfather Lenin, recognizing his most important art, and it is about this movie dreams of our Ministry of culture is when through the creation of highly Artistic works of Art in the minds of wide layers of the population accurately implemented the desired Sovereign CMOS temniki and thoughts.

Removing the parentheses around the entire "entertainment" component, in the remainder, we see a simple but most important Task: as ABC to prove exceptional need isolation of Runet. Here it is shown literally with the sealing of the network inputs and the transition to phones and typewriters, but Packed with the wisdom of these actions, no doubt. It is necessary – means necessary!

Because how else when any hacker minded Enemy at any moment to take us through the social network and one day derail the stability with fake news! And on the state TV suddenly will sound obsolete word "explosion" (immediately clear: fake!) instead of the current a much more harmonious "cotton". And easy Russian Vanya from brave guy will become a killer, blindly believing the tons of Lies that are distributed through these nefarious bad servers!

the scene from the movie "the Invasion"

But not pissing, guys: our world will remain standing for even in the face of infinite chaos of the last mouthpieces of the only honest news remains the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" (the one on the front page in large letters it will say "do Not trust digital information sources") and beautiful TV presenter Sergey Brilev, which from the skin straight out, rebelling against evil spirits in the hope to convey to the people the Only Truthful News ("And most importantly: do not succumb to provocations!").

of Course, I immediately say: it was impossible to remove the Invasion as the state order, because the subject isolation of Runet still seems recent (actually it is not so), and film especially on such a large scale so quickly that we are not removed. But that is the talent of a Great Artist (which, of course, is the FSB, gathered around him such talented creative team) – work is not on the current agenda, and to anticipate the demands of the future. And in this case: not only to capture the notorious spirit, soul, feeling a public inquiry, but I heartily anticipate the commands of the Authorities. Do not wait until something happens and then run to work and should not even assume, and ahead of events, shaping the agenda!.. Therein lies one of the secrets of really powerful propaganda.

This dangerous Invasion. When the state ideology is trying to implement in the forehead – often it turns out, to say the least, not very bright. But when it goes on the language of artistic metaphor – it can be extremely effective. It is so much more effective can inspire the wanderer in movie the masses the historical correctness of the current policy of complete isolation. And to justify something like this would've happened!

So don't believe that all this has happened before – in the fall, says the film, 2019. In reality, everything is still ahead.

the scene from the movie "the Invasion"

So this movie is outside evaluation. We can desperately to praise him for the way he cleared, but we cannot close our eyes to what he's done.

its founders Have, of course, has its own truth – and you cannot deprive them of the right to claim. But the question "what You do for the planet (I mean country) are fighting?" we will have different answers.

PS In the conversation, held immediately after the press screening of "Invasion", the film's producer, Alexander Andryushchenko assured us that it in no way is neither of public procurement or on state propaganda – but to endorse the text of the interview in the end refused.

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