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Overview of the course earning a "Money Bad" is Recommended. The full analysis.

Serega's blog Goncharova 21.12.2019 at 22:11

All about creating sites, their promotion and about earnings in the Internet


I Want to tell you about the course that is advertised, mainly in the context of media network. It was his banner that you see now.

the author of the course offers you earn from 90,000 rubles per month.

You can go to the website to see the "Money Avito"

So let's deal. What we offer and whether it really make?

I Want to assure you that this course was a full scan. It was therefore placed in the category of "Recommended".

This site is a visual aid of how should look a good course worthy of trust. At the same time by his example and consider what the Scam is different from the website offering real earnings.

so, begin.

Go to the website to sell the course. The first thing that catches the eye is the screen saver with the promise of a lot of money. Well, surprising. So have all. Everyone wants to sell.

let's Go below. There we describe what we get by buying the course.

At this stage. You will be asked to leave fans of a freebie. Because, we understand that this training, to how to work.

First promise: get Trained within 48 hours. Trained a motivated person who wants to make money.

the Second promise: Learn how to make money on Craigslist without attachments Is quite real. In fact, I know people who are doing this already, and those who bought the course. Indeed, almost all of them earn even more than 200000 thousand a month. Those who dared to lift his ass off the couch.

the Third promise: the detailed step-by-step instructions: This is also possible. You buy a course on Glopart, and the system automatically sends you the training and opens the website for access. That's just what it will be is a question?

in General, such promises are also found quite often. On this site they look that way.

Go ahead.

And then, exactly what distinguishes the good performers from the course of the Scam. To be honest, I was surprised. There was a video. Not just promises of the good life with pictures. In the video the author talks about his course. And in all shines on your face.

Say. How many of you have seen sites that you cheated or tried to cheat with the video where the author talks about his course? Personally appearing in the video. Not putting pictures from the Internet, fake people. And personally appearing in the frame.

Almost nobody does. I have this website immediately aroused the trust. Only one indicator. The video can be viewed below. Especially for you I downloaded it from this site.

In the video the author appears as Maxim Romanov and provides a link to his page in Vkontakte. So, too few people make.

Well, go there.

the Page really exists. The Scam usually blocked or closed. Here we see that people are open. There are real friends. There is a photo. Check the detailed information. There's even a city Ordinance. Well, all as expected. A real person (in the sense of a living, really exists). That's just a screen.

Continue to dig. Photos can be uploaded from anywhere. Absolutely any sites.

Check the photo match in the Yandex search network. I took photos with avatars. The result is below.

Yandex issued 5 similar photos. That is, he gave more. But we other people are not interested. And they are visually different. So in fact only 5 photos posted somewhere else. Where a crook could take.


This photo is on the website info-biz, article "the Authors of the courses SMM" There really learn about Maxim Romanov, the author of the course.

you don't want to miss, check another photo.

This is a photo from the site where there is a summary of Maxim Romanov.

I Think we all are convinced that this is a real, living person. Even know that he lives in Moscow. Personally, I already trust him completely. It's always quieter.

Return on sales. And go a little lower.

Description of what you need and what not, and a button to register for the course. It is a nothing. Simply good advertising itself. Of stocks, only the logo Avito. It's a trademark and it requires the permission of the copyright holder. Otherwise, the rightholder has the right to demand to remove the sign and to request compensation.

However this sign also can determine the honesty of the author. Even if a trademark does not have permission to use, and 10 months (information from Glopart time to launch an info product). And on it the owner had not filed a complaint. Means that the author of the course, do not spoil the reputation of the website of the trademark owner. Or he has permission to use the trademark.


Description who needs the course.

Based on this information, I can say that the course is designed for beginners. And promises that everything will be accessible and understandable.

, Look no further.

Just please forgive me, for not doing the screen on this section. (Dimensions do not allow to do it as well, but in the end there is a link to the course site, and you'll see).

Next we have a description of the three steps. What you need to do to earn?

to Sign up for training. It is quite logical. How else to know about earning and earn. To study and apply. The author proposes to apply the learned into practice immediately. To get the money. Here a little reveals that you will be doing. For this I propose a little later to go to the website sales of course and see you personally.

Next is statistics. Also don't find it necessary to insert here. But if you consider my opinion, very convincing.

Turn statistics and there. A description of where and how it is taught.

the Fact that the training takes place at the educational platform is a plus. Certainly not in favor of those who want to get the course for free. Plus for the author and for those who bought or will buy the course.

will Explain why. This course cannot be discharged. You can retell, but not to merge. So those who bought it will be unique information.

the Question. And why it can't merge, those who have already bought access?

because. Put yourself in the place bought the course. Want to merge it?

No. Because you bought it. You don't want to give it away for free and create a competition?

the author of course does not want. The fee weeds out those who like freebies, and transmit only those who are determined.

the following is a syllabus. The author cares about customers and gives a choice. You are buying a "pig in a poke." You are given information about what you will study. Also there are screenshots as proof that the lessons really are. And promises to bonus prepared cheque leaves files and templates.

After the course, the author again reminds himself. About who he is. And says that he will accompany us throughout the training. Also gives a link to a VK account. Already working link that takes you to the page that I'd already checked earlier. Slightly missed the point, and hammered the link in the line from the video:)

In General, it looks like this.

here are the answers to anticipated questions that may arise from the buyer.

For answers tedious to click on the plus sign. I'd add, the answers are direct and to the point. The author believes in their product.

But that's not all. We are real video reviews on the product. All from real people. It is also no doubt is a plus.

In the video presented on the website shows that the recommended rate as ordinary people from the channel Maxim Romanov, and relatively large channels on earnings. To me personally these channels are familiar, the authors fundamentally do not advertise scams.

the Reviews and the results of the students. Well, maybe interesting to look at the website of course, but everyone has them, they can be ordered. So go ahead.

Further contains links to the related course on sites that write about scams. To be honest just did not want to trust them. Even though I know these sites very well. Often use them myself, to check questionable resource. If I don't know about it, then they know.

So this is how you do not want them to trust and not trust. Articles can be ordered. Very suspicious that they Shine on the sales.

Drove the request, verbatim "feedback on the rate of monetary avito".

And not one negative opinion. I'm not a little clambered pages in search of at least one negative mention. This happens if the author is really honest. If you don't. It still POPs up. Can't the author of the course, to by absolutely everyone. In the end, out of spite someone throw the students will write a review. Do not have your own website, you can on the forum, social networking and so on.

In General, another proof that the course work.

let's move on. And there.

the Price of the course.

to be honest. Expect to see the price more.

I think this course is worth the money.

At the price offered: video with step by step instructions on earnings, templates, ready-made checklists and materials.

If you buy a course for 1490 rubles, and you still have to supervise. And despite the fact that now there is no action.

There are other similar courses, they are just at the price that is crossed out. And they are not even half of what is offered here.

And Yes, there is a money back guarantee.

the following are the contact details when checking also confirmed.

After a full inspection of the site and the course. With clear conscience I give you a link to it.

Cash Avito

that's it.

Thank you and good earnings:)


as the use of materials and personal data of the author, namely a Facebook page., require permits. I apologize to the author of course Maxim Romanov. As the permissions on them I didn't ask. And at the same time, I cannot recommend the website and the course without a full inspection. If you are not satisfied with something, you can email me with a request to delete the post. The request can be submitted by any method described on the Contact page.