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Financial horoscope for the year 2020

Article 27.12.2019 at 09:19

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Besides, more restrained and even ascetic way of life will be useful not only from the point of view of saving money, but also from the point of view of health, both physical and mental. Those who have too many things, most will experience annoyance because of the need to contain all of them in order complicate everyday activities. Will buy mostly products, proven quality, and "LP". Fashionable things prefer practical and reliable. During the year, repeatedly will remember the proverb, which has been almost forgotten over the past decade: it is important, not how much you earn and how you spend. In principle, this time a lot of money, superbly.

To Russia in late January, ending a long (9-months) and a very difficult period in financial sphere. Since February we have in the country will gradually improve the financial situation, it is logical to assume that the standard of living of citizens will cease to decline.The highest earnings in the coming year likely in the construction sector and other sectors of the economy in which it is important to lay the cycles into the future, long-term returns. More attention will attract the field of waste management, recycling some things. It will be typical for all countries.

2020 long people were waiting for, breathlessly pronouncing the word "career". This is their time, and a high position, and fame do promise a high standard of living.

In the first half of the desire to save a lot of money will lead to the fact that the company will be a lot of money to keep accounts, and to increase the salaries don't hurry up. Rich company with a big authorized capital stock will benefit, small companies will have to struggle for existence. January will present not any surprises in the financial sector. In February just enough here to get confused, do something stupid, to fall under the influence of fraud. There is impulsiveness and those same good intentions that pave the road to hell. In March, focused on the national currency, the better to keep savings in it. April – the month that will lay the Foundation for the ruin and bankruptcies. These processes will be aggravated since the second half of may until the end of June. The period in General is bad for any expenses, including purchases at stores.

the Second half will be no less successful for those who have a lot of money. But only for those who do not transgress the letter of the law. Control over financial activities of organizations will be the most stringent until mid-September. In July quickened trade. It is a good idea to go the tourist business, mainly the one where you can arrange a short trip. In August, we all feel the lack of cash, especially if their life savings invested in the currency. September will be marked by the disclosure of high-profile financial thefts on major projects for the average person this will be a regular on earnings a month. In the same way as October. Not justified the hopes of the increase in revenue in November. But the Dec in this regard please.

"Money" dates 2020: 20 February, 5 April, 30 June, 27 July, 12 October and 13 November 2020.

the conduct of Affairs related to Finance, where it is constantly carried out some negotiations, reaching agreements, deals are made, something purchased, something sold, it is necessary to take into account the periods of mercury retrograde. At this time, it is recommended to complete all previously initiated and not to start anything new, so how hard can it be to stick to the plan: someone will fail, lose documents, not to send the ordered goods. Things we acquire during these periods, with a much greater probability of being a marriage and quickly fail. During these periods it is necessary to get rid of things, not to hoard more and more.

mercury is moving backwards in the following intervals:

From 17 February to 10 March, he goes through the sign of Pisces: reveal the secret sources of income, there are difficulties with the tax authorities, in interpersonal communication there are frauds and scams.

18 June to 12 July mercury in Cancer: difficulties arise in those organizations that employ mostly relatives, they can at this time be very hard to fail.

From 14 October to 3 November mercury in Scorpio: you need to get to the truth, otherwise it will make someone else and harm you.