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Service obliged to tell the truth

Site of tourism, leisure and travel 25.12.2019 at 00:08

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World-famous, popular service of selecting and booking of hotels and private houses given a fair sanctions imposed by the European Commission, it is simply obliged to tell the truth to potential clients about the prices of hotels and private housing.

In the near future, no later than 16 June 2020 service will make some adjustments in regard to the posted information about prices and discounts on hotels and guest houses. The European Commission's decision will be beneficial to the consumers, which in the case of the obligations will receive true information, thus can make better comparisons of hotels.

Customers often faced with the search of hotels with announcements like "last room available" or screaming headlines about low cost rooms limited time, as well as assurances that all of the above is available exclusively on the service So, after executing the obligations, all these banners will disappear. In addition, at the conclusion of the contract with the owners of the leased premises the service will be required to separately specify that the first areas of hotels, chalets, guest houses — the result of paid advertising.

it is Also should clearly show the total price for the accommodation, which includes all fees, duties and taxes.

these measures are far not the first and only applicable to service Different ways of regulation of activities used by many countries, which is directly related to a monopoly position and wide potential impact on hoteliers. The French Antimonopoly service activities has led the service to cancel the practice of concluding with the official representatives of hotel contracts include a clause providing for lowest prices on rooms. In November 2019 identical to the requirement put forward by the Federal Antimonopoly service of Russia. In Turkey this service is generally prohibited according to the court.

[blockquote] For information: the service of search and booking of hotels, guest houses, lodges offers more than 28 million objects, located in 228 countries around the world. In Europe it accounts for 65.5% of the market of online booking in Russia this figure is 70%.[/blockquote]