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Hobby World is preparing a tabletop RPG game in the world of "the Witcher"

Daily news from the world of mobile devices 27.12.2019 at 12:32 - News , reviews smartphones, PDA and mobile devices

Cycle of "the Witcher", surprising light on the pages of the cult novels of Andrzej Zapolskogo, soon managed to conquer large screens and small screens, but the biggest contribution was made, of course, the team of CD Projekt Red, released great games trilogy. However, fans of the series that was not enough: many would like to pass an unknown adventure in a beautifully painted worlds Sapkowski. And now they have such opportunity: CD Projekt Red along with R. Talsorian Games released for the Witcher tabletop RPG game, and Russian localization took the Hobby World publishing house.

To 12 January on the crowdfunding platform CrowdRepublic is pre-order the rulebook "the Witcher. Tabletop role-playing game". The participants will not only be able to buy the game 20% cheaper, but additionally to cards cosplay your favorite characters, and the luckiest will get the first two books of the series Sapkowski. This Handbook has everything you need to play the game: rules, leveling, bestiary and adventure. Now on the path to legendary fantasy no one will stop the system requirements for the computer and will not be surprised by the choice of actors. Tabletop role playing game players not limited to the three endings and can create your story in your favorite setting. Players will enjoy a fantasy world that resembles Eastern Europe in the late middle ages, filled with magic and monsters. But the line between monster and man, unsteady in this world there is no black and white heroes can easily be villains, and monsters to surprise her humanity. At character creation the player should choose race and class, as well as to prescribe the features and history for your character. You can use ready-made solutions proposed by the game, or improvise — all in your hands. The gameplay is built in the form of a dialogue between the players and the presenter. The presenter describes the scene and what is happening, and the players react to these events and declare their actions. Some actions are given to the characters easily and others may require verification — then the success of the action is determined by throwing dice. The presenter acts out what happened, and the players declare a new action. Throughout the adventure you will have to make difficult decisions. In the world of "the Witcher" is the boundary between "good" and "evil" is conditional and blurred. And not just have to go on the transaction with conscience and to choose the lesser of two evils. Basic mechanics, as in Cyberpunk 2020, is based on throwing D10 (desativando bone), to which is added the necessary skill or characteristic. Advanced players will especially appreciate the high detail of the gameplay and additional mechanics. For example, the rule book includes an extensive system of crafting and alchemy, which will allow your characters to learn a variety of crafts. And tactical battles with lots of action — choose a unique fighting style that best represents the nature of your character. In the book, all the explanations are detailed and thorough, grouped into diagrams and tables, so you'll find the explanation in any case.

the Book can be ordered here.