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How to create website: the web Studio or freelancer

IGeek — news of high technologies 03.01.2020 at 09:44

IGeek - news of high technologies. Reviews of computers and laptops, interesting gadgets and novelties of the market. Gaming industry news and online services.

Thoughtful, high-quality web site-the face of any modern company. Online market is a highly competitive field where one wrong action can lead to serious failures. For this reason, it is important to calculate a few steps forward and smart approach to the choice of the contractor who will develop your website. Today we will talk not about what should be in 2020 to be successful, and to whom to entrust the development of the resource. The main options freelancers (different levels) and the web Studio. Each option has its own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses.

the Order of the site from a freelancer: features

One of the main reasons to apply to the freelancer and not in the Studio, is a relatively low price. But it is important to carefully calculate everything – cost services are often such only at first glance, or talking about appropriate quality. Please specify what is included in the standard price – the base price may involve a number of supplements.

freelance Designers have a relatively small clientele, and therefore provide an individual approach to each customer. To understand what you can expect when collaborating with a specific specialist, you will help reviews. They – the main assessment of the quality of the designer's work, an indicator of its attitude to customers. Not all assessments can be a plus sign, but if the cons very much, it is an occasion guard.

Freelancers work flexibly. Overtime is not considered, it is possible to agree on a date time to meet. But there are private specialists cons. Basic – any freelancer is a specialist in a certain area, and not all at once. One person is good at everything simply can not be. If the selected spec is not doing everything at once, it will transmit specific tasks to colleagues or the customer will have to do it yourself. In case of any problems with the delivery of the project (deadlines, failure to return advance payment, the discrepancy of the results stated requirements, etc.) to achieve justice will be difficult.

What a good web-Studio

Professional website design in web Studio is the realization of a turnkey project with all the necessary guarantees. Advantages in cooperation with the organization is much greater than the disadvantages. It is:

Reliability – freelancers you can trust, but reliability when you order a site in web Studio is much higher. The Agency is responsible for all work performed, offers of compensation, and for the missed deadlines and low quality results responsible for its reputation. Broad specialization – unlike independent designer, working solo, the Studio has a range of specialists. They guarantee a comprehensive approach, embody the ideas of different complexity without recourse to third-party developers and designers. For customer is a plus – he will receive everything you need in one place, without unnecessary approvals, searches (including "guilty") and improvements in the future. Web Studio provides the service "turnkey", and solves all the current operational issues itself. Guaranteed experience and timing – choosing a company, you can immediately see the examples that the number of commissioned projects, can assess the level of their performance. The deadlines are strictly observed as provided for their violation penalty, that none of the Studio does not want to carry. It is possible to perform emergency work, but such services are paid additionally.

If we talk about prices, in General, they are higher than the services of a private master, but a lot will depend on the volumes of forthcoming works. Specific tasks in the Studio is always more expensive, but the package offer "turnkey" often have a competitive price. The company sets too high a price tag? Contact other and compare the different options – it will help to make the best choice. The cost of services of web-Studio sometimes differ up to 30%.

the Flexibility to agencies in developing websites is not special. Meetings should be arranged in advance only in the office. Fixed working hours – at night and other odd hours to your questions will not be responsible. But after the site can get a package of aftercare service – that is, the resource support after launch, make a certain number of modifications after the date within written in the contract about cooperation conditions. In most cases, post-project service fee, but to order it profitable (please read more in selected studios).

What to choose?

All depends on your goals, budget, available time, the optimal timing of delivery, warranties. It is impossible to say that the Studio or designer is better – each has its features, price, conditions of service. If reliability is important, the guarantees and the execution of works under the key, stop by the web-Studio, flexibility, individual approach, affordable price – the freelancer.

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