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New! Microsystem Pandora X-4G

Alarm Obninsk 30.12.2019 at 04:30

As its name implies, is a system - the successor to the current bestsellers Pandect X-1800/1900, but with a modern 4G modem (support 2G/3G/4G) and high-grade, long-range Bluetooth 5.0. In the same way as in the top platform 47hh, in the X-4G uses two SIM cards - one soldered SIM chip, the second card that the user can install the nano-SIM format

Pandora X-4G – in fact the first representative of a new generation of Microsystems , where has many new and relevant opportunities required to work with new and future vehicles from leading car manufacturers – the fact that the platforms of the previous generation lacked.

Differential wideband GSM antenna gives a very considerable increase in the coverage and stability of communication when you move the car. Separate additional memory increases the buffering tracks and events in terms of areas with bad GSM network coverage or areas inefficient in terms of roaming. This module is intended to update the built-in macro functions in operating a system already on the car.

of Course, the novelty is equipped with the most modern and high-sensitivity navigation receiver works with all available satellite groups and the best quality control location when parked and driving.

Pandora X-4G is the first system that will work with the new advanced Protocol exchange with the Internet service. In the new server farm established under a load of security service and video-analytical systems of new generation. First, users have to evaluate the reaction speed of the new service for any analytical queries. Of course, it's a long time the most powerful and fastest service on the market of automobile security service system.

the Need for such large-scale changes is a consequence of radical changes in the speed of communication afforded by the use of 4G-modems (Class1, even LTE provides speeds up to 10 Mbps, and LTE klass4 – up to 100 Mbit/sec.)

and, of course, it is a necessary step in the direction of the almost limitless possibilities of filling the Protocol specific and extensive information in any format, including photos, video clips, extended diagnostic information, the specifics of driving, etc. including advanced systems of the near future that we are bringing such steps.