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A remake of the "guest from the future" Movie news 05.01.2020 at 12:36

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The Creators of "Attraction" and "Invasion" are preparing another movie about alien invasion: beloved Soviet classics about Alice Seleznev from the future will find a new life.

Before the release of the new film by Fyodor Bondarchuk "Invasion" (the sequel "Gravity"), the editors of our magazine took an exclusive interview with one of the film's producer Mikhail Vrubel, which found that the domestic audience is waiting for the remake "guest from the future" — the beloved Soviet classics.

Answering the question wording "is There any among the Russian films about alien invasion this project, a remake of which I would like to do?", the producer commented as follows:

I'll tell you once we're already doing a remake of "guest from the future". The remakes we are very cautious (...) it seems to Me, on this path do not join. Because brilliant and still remain in the minds of a very large number of spectators it is impossible to do better (...) Another thing, when you talk about the history with the fiction, which technically at that time it was not possible to tell at the proper level. After reviewing today, "the Guest from the future", you realize how everything looks naive. But the picture, for a moment, went in one time with "Star wars". Now the technology is there, and it can become an amazing combination of our memories about this movie and what we can do technologically today to give to the viewer.