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Report for December 2019

SEO blog — 9 SEO.RU 07.01.2020 at 13:11

Blog about SEO, web skills, Internet earnings

Hello! In 2020 the success is waiting for those who will to do something, to work/build a business, monitor health and etc. So I wish all mood and motivation.

And I, traditionally, you need to sum up the last month. Then to sum up the past year and to write plans/goals for 2020. Start with the report for December.

Information sites Site 1 Information site, which has invested already more than 1 million rubles. Start of site work: October 1, 2018. Website 15 months.

Screen attendance with SS metric and January:

Traffic winter came (the site not the season). So the traffic has fallen. Waiting for spring+summer+autumn. Peak traffic month: 9 046 (01.12). Now at ~6K.

the Straps I have are...

100 (26.10.2018)

300 (06.11.2018)

500 (16.12.2018)

1000 (12.01.2019)

2000 (30.01.2019)

3 000 (03.02.2019)

5 000 (19.04.2019)

10 000 (12.07.2019)

15 000

20 000

30 000

... Report

Am sign in Google.doks. Link to a copy of the sample.

Invested in December: (rubles): 5 468

have Invested a total (rubles): 1 269 806

Returned all the time (ROI): 31%

Back in a month: 2.5%

Income per month (rubles): 31 643 (-10 296)

Income per 1K uniques (RUB): 152 (-9)[newline At reasonable monetization — no pushey/vsplyvaet/teasers/etc.

Structure of income :

— Yan: 25 647

— AdSense: 5 996

monthly bandwidth: 208 437 (-52 125)

Traffic per day: 6 724 (-1 681)

number of articles: 1 487 (+3)

Unique article per day: 4,5 (-1.3)

Case, the events Published 3-4 articles per month for website updates. Bought a few links on GGL ~3000 RUB Will be every month little by little to buy, I guess. Website add on 10% of X AVM. Nothing more was done. Look no further. Website 2

This is my marathon website. A couple of years ago I registered the domain I wanted to make a website. But the hands never came. Now decided to add it to the marathon and fill. Write about a well-known Bank.

While a large budget is not provided. Most likely will hang like a flap. But if you see potential — will continue actively to fill. Opened the website for the SS only on November 16. Attendance is generally not.


About what you're doing on this website write here.

Invested in December: (rubles): 10 116

have Invested a total (rubles): 60 366

number of articles: 80 (+15)

Services Service 1: content shop

, Continue to program its ERP system to create content.

Write quality articles under the key (from TK to publish/relink). If you need information articles — write.


Invested in December: (RUB): 33 500

have Invested a total (rubles): 1 354 147

Returned all the time (ROI): 20%

Income per month (rubles): 7 034

never did (except programming).

Service 2:

Club Moneymaker. Immediately we held marathons and training.

Continue to recruit the participants in the marathon number 7. Join if you are not with us. Was responsible for training. Released and published in the courses: "Hosting and working with it, Design and template for an information site and configure WordPress and plug-ins" (need access). On the queue courses for working with the semantics, content, and authors.

Communicate with students and check their homework. Continue to record courses + do a step by step plan. Here's how it looks.

If you want to practice, read more and join in.

PS: Holidays are very much out of the working rhythm, so my ambitious content plan for the rapid release of courses failed. But, nothing. Pick yourself up and continue to write new content.


Invested in December: (RUB): 0

Put all (RUR): 55 300

Returned all the time (ROI): 270%

income for the month (RUR): 26 800

Income comes with the purchase of VIP access. VIP is given for a year, so it is perhaps strange to record that the income of one month. But how to do differently, I don't know. Let it be so.

Yandex.Zen V2

our First experiment with Zen failed, depriving me 5 channels and costs ~15K. All channels are banned and all. Still can not find time to write stories about how everything was. Really try in January to do it.

making the second approach. Are only one channel. Published 10 articles. Although it is not even articles. Rather, the history of the author in an attempt to hook readers with interesting headline. And one story even shot.


Invested in December: (RUB): 952

have Invested a total (rubles): 952

Returned all the time (ROI): 199%

Income per month (rubles): 1 900

it is too Early to draw conclusions. Will look and experiment further. Yield, of course, funny in a Zen.

the Odnostranichnikov

Began experimenting with MC. More precisely with single-page sites. More in detail write in this group. There you can join the group to read the sequel.


Invested in December: (RUB): 13 038

have Invested a total (rubles): 14 138

Returned all the time (ROI): 11%

income for the month (RUR): 1 500

Also, nothing is yet clear. But at least some movement has gone in the statistics

Here we are. Like, nothing forgotten. Continue to work, to experiment and to believe in a bright future All thanks!

PS if the reports are inconvenient to read or have ideas how to improve them please write in the comments. If everything is "tip-top", give it a thumbs up

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