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Marathon No. 7: have prizes from sponsors

SEO blog — 9 SEO.RU 08.01.2020 at 05:00

Blog about SEO, web skills, Internet earnings

Drawing I spent using the random number generator 6 numbers. And today will be giving away prizes.

Who have supported us: TZ.Studio SMILING from JOHNY Semantic-lab Human Emulator

And here you can see the size of the prize Fund, discounts and prizes from sponsors.

the Video of the drawing

you Can look at speed x2. Or just see the table with the prizes.

— Presentation.

— the table participants + prizes.

How to get the prizes?

to Everyone who won something, I'll write a letter and tell you how you can get your winnings.

me Remind you that in marathon we still have cash prizes (the Bank), which will play at the end of the marathon. There is an opportunity to join the marathon or to work on your website and take the prize.

good luck!

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