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Victory in the war of 1812 led to numerous peasant uprisings

Pectrum 04.01.2020 at 08:00

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The Defeat of the landlord academicorum V. N.

What was the disgruntled peasants at that time, as the Russian Empire was celebrating a glorious victory and a complete defeat of Napoleon's army? It was expected that after this war, serfdom is abolished, but this did not happen.

After the war, many Russian peasants in the Russian army during the victorious March of the visited Western Europe and seen with my own eyes that the enslavement of the peasants abolished in almost all countries. In our country, the great events have not led, unfortunately, to the internal restructuring of companies. This caused great dissatisfaction among farmers, and progressive among the nobility. The result of these events was the formation of political opposition, which was to abolish serfdom.

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