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Fifty years since the release of the album The Madcap Laughs

News 02.01.2020 at 21:00

News about the group Pink Floyd

50 years ago, on 3 January 1970 released an album of Syd Barrett "The Madcap Laughs".

In the fourth Chapter, "the Sum of its parts" of his book "Inside Out" Nick Mason writes:

[in addition to working on their solo compositions for "music from Ummagumma",] Roger and David also worked with Syd, helping him put together his first solo album, The Madcap Laughs. Your contribution of Robert Wyatt and other members of the "Soft Machine". Still, there was a belief that creative energy Sid can be re-stimulated, but was extremely difficult to give the songs any kind of regularity or reach their potential. Later in the same year Led released his second solo album "Barrett". It turned out to be his last recording, despite further attempts to coerce him to return to the Studio. Since then Led an increasingly secluded life. In the end he returned to Cambridge. There was something particularly sad that such a gifted composer, who wrote so many good songs, then showed an unwillingness or inability to continue in the same spirit. No Sid I can't even imagine the existence of Pink Floyd; from him did the initial work, which allowed us to subsequently grow and develop.

In an interview on the eve of the festival Extravaganza '70 Music and Fashion June 6, 1970, he Led Barrett spoke about his solo work is much more positive than then thought about it Nick:

- were you satisfied with the album, "The Madcap Laughs"?

Yeah, I like what happened. Only it was released much later than done. I wish it was the whole thing people will listen to from beginning to end, so everything was connected and balanced, the tempos and the mood was forked off from one another, and I hope that's what it sounds like. I have this album at home, though I now its not particularly listening.

- "Madcap" you can easily compare with your material for PF. How about a new album?

a Lot of things will be there. It all depends on how I feel during operation. Importantly, it will be better than the previous one.

- what about the future? Going to sing and play again?

Yes, that would be great. I enjoyed it, it was a thrill. But I'm not doing anything. This laziness since art school. I have this concert in Wembley and one summer.

what about forming a new group?

I someone will gather for a concert at Wembley, and then we'll see what happens.

- And now?

I'm working on the album. Already there are four things, and maybe it will be released in September. No musicians, just people who help, and "Madcat". It gives me much more freedom... I feel I can do much, much better. So to say there is nothing, I just want to do it all.

the material of Prog magazine, dedicated to the tenth anniversary of the death of Barrett, Jenny Speirs expressed his own contrary to Orthodox narratologia, the opinion about the time of the works included in The Madcap Laughs songs:

"Sid was very nervous when I started recording this album. That's all he wrote, but he knew that he had a set of songs that he has not yet used. People seem to think he wrote songs it was then [in the spring and summer of 1968], but it is not – they were ready. I know this because I've heard most of them. People say that through these songs they are able to grasp his state of mind at the time, but this is not so - most of the songs were already written."

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