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Key features of "video Editing"

Swansea city 03.01.2020 at 17:02

Football club "Swansea city" (Swansea City Association Football Club). The team from Wales, established in 1912, now a member of the English Premier League. Swansea

The Videos come in different shapes and sizes, from a simple video on an iPhone to large Hollywood movies. For most of the videos are too many moving parts, to leave your process to chance. An excellent program for processing the video would be "video Editing". More details about it you can find on the site

What is the process of video production?

the video Production is not just pressing the record button on your camcorder.

the video creation Process from concept to completion consists of three stages: pre-production, production and post-production. In the first stage (Pre-Production) is planned and coordinated, in the second stage (Production ) you commit all the elements that will be in your final video, and in the third phase (Post-Production) edited all of the items. together and combined to create the final video.

Explaining the process of video production

Although the process of video production will vary depending on the style, content, timing, effort, and budget, there are some basic building blocks that are common among successful producers of video.

to identify all these elements, it is important to conduct a series of meetings. Again, this process will differ depending on the team and scale of your project, but here are some basics that will help you get started .

clarification of the facts. Assemble the stakeholders of your company and team on the production of video to discuss goal, strategy and objective for your video and how it will be used after its completion. If you plan to work with an external company engaged in the production of the video , it's part of the process where you want to talk about things like branding, target audience and the tone and perception of the work.

Preliminary meeting: this meeting is usually held between your video producer and the main representative of the project. Make sure you established a timeline, identified the characters and finalized all the details of the location. This meeting may be conducted by phone or in person.

site Visit (optional): depending on the complexity of the shooting can be useful to visit the site in your area, especially if it is not seen neither the producer or videographer.

Preparation for filming. Before appearing on your video, your video producer needs to ensure that scripts were reviewed and approved, discussed interview questions , proven characters , made up the schedule and confirmed the location. All these details will help to ensure the smooth operation of the production phase.

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