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100 light years from Earth discovered, habitable planet

NEWS PLANET 08.01.2020 at 16:01

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Less than two years since the beginning of its mission, the satellite TESS found in the habitable zone the planet that may be habitable, according to the portal PLANETANOVOSTI.COM.

Discovered planet revolves around cool stars, M-dwarf TOI 700 and is 100 light years from our Earth. NASA provided evidence that this planet is about 20% larger than the Earth. However, she is at the right distance from its star that water on it may well be liquid.

In the star system is only three planets. One of them is rocky, and the other gas. Scientists believe that the discovered planet is locked and only one half of all the time turned to the star. While the turnover in the orbit it passes for 37 earth days.

the TESS Satellite was launched in the spring of 2018 in order to find planets outside the Solar system, which could be life. The satellite was developed so that it is found exclusively those planets that are the size of Earth and orbit a star. But such planets was able to find very little.

Initially it was assumed that the star TOI 700 is very hot, so discovered planet life impossible. But as it turned out, its temperature is not so high, which gives hope for the suitability of the planet for living organisms.