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Not only San Gennaro: Naples actually 52 patron saints photo

Naples Slavonic 05.01.2020 at 15:15

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How many patron saints of Naples? The most famous is undoubtedly the San Gennaro, though in fact the official patron Saint of the Cathedral with the 1076 was a Saint Maria Assunta.

Saint Januarius has held the position of spokanites, but that's what it was called Neapolitans in moments of danger. Worship of him is linked with the miracle of the liquefaction of the blood, which occurred on 16 December 1631 during the eruption of Vesuvius and through which the magma flow miraculously stopped before reaching the city.

Since then 3 times a year, the Neapolitans anxiously waiting for “the miracle of the liquefaction of blood”: if it does not, then not far off dramatic events. In the early 17th century, under the influence of the counter-reformation, the number of patron saints of the city was increased to 52. Not all give honors during the year, which is caused by the simplification of the calendar, liturgies, published in 1973 by Pope Paul VI.

San Tommaso d'aquino (1605)

Sant'andrea Avellino (1622)

Santa Vergine Patrizia (1625)

San Francesco di Paola (1625)

San Domenico di Guzman (1641)

San Giacomo della Marca (1647)

Sant'antonio di Padova (1650)

San Francesco Saverio (1654)

Santa Teresa d'avila (1664)

San Filippo Neri (1668)

San Gaetano di Thiene (1671)

Sant'agnello abate (1671)

San Severo Vescovo di Napoli (1673)

Vescovo Sant ' Agrippino di Napoli (1673)

Sant Aspreno primo Vescovo di Napoli (1673)

Sant Eufebio Vescovo di Napoli (1673)

Sant Atanasio Vescovo di Napoli (1673)

San Nicola di Bari (1675)

San Gregorio Armeno Vescovo e Martire (1676)

Santa Chiara d'assisi (1689)

San Biagio Vescovo e Martire (1690)

San Pietro da Verona (1690)

San Giuseppe sposo di Maria Vergine (1690)

San Michele Arcangelo (1691)

San Francesco d Assisi (1691)

Santa Maria Maddalena de’ Pazzi (1692)

San Giovanni Battista (1695)

San Francesco Borgia (1695)

Santa Candida Iuniore (1699)

Santa Maria Egiziaca (1699)

Sant'antonio abate (1707)

Sant'ignazio di Loyola (1751)

Santa Maria Maddalena (1757)

Santa Irene Vergine e Martire (1760)

Sant Emidio Vescovo e Martire (1760)

San Raffaele Arcangelo (1797)

Sant'anna madre di Maria Vergine (1805)

San Luigi Gonzaga (1835)

Sant Agostino Vescovo e Dottore della Chiesa (1835)

San Vincenzo Ferrer (1838)

Sant'alfonso Maria de’ Liguori (1840)

San Francesco Caracciolo (1843)

San Giovan Giuseppe della Croce (1845)

San Pasquale Baylon (1845)

San Francesco di Geronimo (1845)

San Rocco (1856)

San Gioacchino padre di Maria Vergine (1895)

Santa Maria Francesca delle Cinque Piaghe (1901)

Santa Lucia vergine e martire (1903)

Santa Geltrude (1927)

Santa Rita da Cascia (1928)

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