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27% of Italians are on the verge of poverty

Naples Slavonic 08.01.2020 at 09:38

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Every fourth inhabitant of the Apennines runs the risk of becoming poor. These data were received by the Central Institute of statistics of Italy Istat. In the course of the study were surveyed about 19,000 families. 18% of respondents said that struggling to cope with debt payments, and 7% barely make ends meet. A particularly high likelihood of becoming poor youth aged 18-24 years.

In France and Germany, these figures are much lower.

9% of Italians are unable to 2019 in time to pay for utilities, 11% rent or loan, as many are unable to pull the costs of adequate home heating.

in addition, up to 10% increase in the number of Italians living in households whose working-age members work less than 20% of the time.

13% of the inhabitants of the South of Italy is in financial trouble, which is twice more than in the center of the country, and two times more than in the North. The worse is to members of large families and in families where earning just one person.

the Average income of an Italian family does not exceed €2 000 per month, and in the South of Italy this figure is even less – €1,700 a month, according to La Repubblica.