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The producer of "Invasion": "the Whole situation with the web – definitely a coincidence" The article 09.01.2020 at 09:27

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In the "Invasion" by Fyodor Bondarchuk, among other things, two and two proved that the victory over the external enemy of Russia, it is vital to cut down the Internet and cell phones. The film's producer, Alexander Andryushchenko assured us that it in no way is neither of public procurement or on state propaganda (and refused to agree to this interview).

the First thing unusually impressive is the opening credits, which combine two functions: show the obligatory logos, and yet so telling about what happened in the first series. Who came up with this idea?

We understand (although not pedal the subject), that "Invasion" is a direct continuation, so to speak, the history of "Gravity". And we knew that a certain number of viewers who saw the movie "Gravity", need some kind of reminder of what happened: some key event – which was a love triangle that this is not the first arrival of aliens, and so on and so on and so forth. But people who haven't seen the movie "Gravity", the more it was necessary to understand it, to connect to history, to understand the characters; they needed some sort of background.

, Respectively, we had the choice of either doing it as in the series ("the contents of the previous series"), which does not match the scope and scale of the painting, her artistic objectives, or...

we in the movie "the Invasion" worked very serious, a big team in the visual Department – the individual was the visual development of the so-called a group of people who worked on all the visual action, the entire visual part of: concept art, the whole world. And we have a separate company "Watt Studio" led by Egor Tomsk: it is the people who are previzualizare. Since the film contains obscene amounts of computer graphics complex, it required training in animation. In order to install it, to try, it was supposed to be previzualizare.

this Studio previsualization and filed this idea. We had installed a fish of this background – but it is, of course, is not pulled, it was too easy. And this team said, "well, maybe we'll try?" and they did and showed us your animatic. They came up with this idea, frankly. But such is the nature of this work – there were many people who threw ideas; we generally put above all else teamwork.

the Crew of the film "the Invasion" at the premiere © Anna Beauty

this idea They threw, we stopped – and then we went to the Studio "Dobro". It's the people who do the motion design, titles, computer graphics, work with video mapping, all content here is very bright, visual. We used them all the time worked mainly in the work on the captions in all projects, and it's really the best Studio in Russia, which makes the credits. But in the movie "the Invasion" they also developed what we called "digital vision RA" – that all these digital social networks, how artificial intelligence sees our world, when it connects; it is also their development. And we turned to him and said, "do you want it?.." – set them a task. They came with the brief proposed this idea, we wrote the script, came up with these poses – and then for two or three months they did it.

And we are very happy that you made up a story that it's such a Museum the first part, which, as explained in the same digital key that connects to the way key to the plot of a digital capture. It becomes a single artistic decision. Well, plus it functions as a story about the key events of the first part, but through emotional and artistic perception. Now this is not just a "retelling of what happened in the previous series".

And it works really, really well, certainly all of this will mark. But more – the and sadder, and harder. You have really awesome special effects – all this space, all this technical equipment of the Russian army. But don't you feel there is a contradiction: here you are creating such a cool film, and in news we show robot Fyodor and all the other "achievements" of the Russian space Agency, very poor?.. There is definitely a balance you worried?

Yes, we did not experience. If you answer straight, without notes: how this concerns us?..

so, you create a fabulous army, fairytale Russia...

Well, not quite. Even though we had the answer to this question. The events of the film "the Invasion" takes place in some alternate universe. This is evidenced by the fact that the story unfolds in a universe with three years ago in Moscow fell to an alien with alien technology, and we live in a world where this did not happen.

Producer Alexander Andryushchenko at the premiere of "Invasion" © Gennady Avramenko

Oh, and have you more specifically is an indication of the year – it's 2019, and not even 2020, that's not tomorrow yet to be, and it already "happened".

Yes, provided that in 2016, as in "Gravity", really happened an alien invasion and we have acquired alien technology. Accordingly, any way we are in this area of conditionality, and we came to the scenario. We understood that if three years ago the Road fell alien ship with aliens and all would understand that the aliens are real, that the threat is real – what would have happened in three years?.. Acted as if our military, the government, what could they prepare?.. Therefore, in the "Invasion" there are certain protocols, satellites, and so on and so on and so forth. So I think that we have this freedom is absolutely there, especially for me the "Invasion" of the genre – it's still not harsh science fiction. Still, the film is shifted in the direction rather of the film "Marvel" – from the point of view of the conventions of this world. So I not see a contradiction here. I don't even understand why we think about the robot by Fyodor.

Well, when I see you have such a wonderful dog-robot in the beginning of the film, Willy-nilly remember that we actually have. But not at the same time not to mention that this is your alternate reality is very cool rooted in the present, so to say, the news agenda: technology is technology, but referred to economic sanctions, for example.

Again, based on the logic of: what would happen if this happened?.. Of course, sanctions could be, and the situation would be about the same for what it is. But the technology would certainly have moved forward in some way.

Can only add that I think "Invasion" is more entertaining genre than you now think. We did it that way. He knowingly goes to a New year – we do not pretend that we are "Arrival", relatively speaking.

At the premiere of "Invasion" © Anna Beauty

But you get just a little more... of Course, as a highly entertaining movie me "Invasion" liked: we just do not removed. But what it is I really do not like – it is obvious that you are fulfilling the state order. It is not clear even how you managed to get ahead, but you know that "Invasion" turned out to be about the isolation of Runet? It reads that way. Even if you do not mind, for example.

of Course, as we wrote the script much before isolation. The script began to write during the release of "Gravity". And when there was this whole situation with the web – of course it's a coincidence. But it's just talking about the relevance of this topic. And I totally agree with the word "state order", it somehow sounds insulting, frankly.

So offended by the film itself.

Offense on what?

When the state propaganda skillfully remove not – well, spit on it, you will not be playing any "Crimean bridge". And the danger talented entertaining movie that you through the metaphor introduced in brain mass audience the idea that this whole things foreign influences us through the Internet, through these social networks – and therefore need to cut off and go to phones Yes typewriters, as you have just shown. It is directly read.

I Have two answers to this question. Don't even answer, but two thoughts. The first is that I still disagree with you: in the story, in the case that digital technologies will be taken over by an alien artificial intelligence – we will have to do it. This is the response of the film. Therefore, it is thought, a bit out of context. It seems to me that the film is so unreadable. Second, if it may so be read, you are now worried about what kind of people? For whom? What kind of viewer who can think?

Producer Alexander Andryushchenko at the premiere of "Invasion" © Xenia ugolnikova

If direct words, I see this as an example of propaganda of the Putin government that wants us all to separate, convinced of the existence of a threat. In the film, of course, is an alien intelligence – and it's fantastic, but in reality, we are convinced that the threat is real, and it is from there. And knowing Fedor Sergeyevich as a master of Aesopian language, there is an absolute feeling that was the conversation: "Fyodor Sergeevich, that need a movie..."

I will refresh you: it never happened. The history of digital capture technology invented and stems from the fact that this is a very hot, sore subject, because we're having this discussion. When we say: "Seal up the camera, she takes you" – people start to believe it. And when you see Zuckerberg sealed camera – you're starting to sit down on treason. Accordingly, order was not any – there is just an acute burning topic. We were looking for her, as in the first part looking at "Attraction", and here I was looking for – and I think it turned out quite successfully: it affects the care of people.

A second thought on this subject: we have no position for someone to learn something. Instructive positions no no. Our position is that the movie should not be anyone to teach you anything. It must ask the right questions.

And let me clarify: when you say "we" you mean who? Only the production team or do you include here and Bondarchuk?

On this specific project, as Fedor Bondarchuk, the Director of this film, of course, is our joint position.

But it's not just me, many have the feeling of the figure of the novel, he was one of those who want to teach us how to live.

Figure Bondarchuk's highly controversial.

This is certainly.

And the opinions of her extreme and different. We all passed. So... I will not answer, it is necessary to ask him. But I can answer for our position – production company "Hydrogen", the authors of the script.

the Producers Alexander Andryushchenko and Mikhail Vrubel at the premiere of "Invasion" © Anna Beauty

You are absolutely right in saying that you have found another such a painful theme, as in "Gravity." Thus you have balanced both films. Not a secret that sequels are usually worse – including for ideological part. You have absolutely not the same. You've passed the degree, and instead here not even one but several of the top. And another one is the fake news. It went from being a writer – or is it also somehow developed together? Collective brainstorming for ideas that would affect the film?..

Well, as it usually happens... we Have a creative team headed by the writer; in the film "the Invasion" – two writer. And when we develop some kind of a milestone document, for example, the first synopsis, we discuss it in conjunction with all the producers with Fedor. Fedor gives all its amendments – like it or not, in that direction, is not, and the author's group is working on. In principle, the process is always here so it goes. So, naturally, every line in the script, every action, parties here at all.

have You identified the fake news as if in a separate block, but for me it is, in fact, the unit is the same with digital capture. Fake news is a pepper. To me this topic is extremely important, I am very proud of this thing. Moreover, to be honest, we're not perfect filmmakers: planning something – something, and sometimes not. And this topic turned out well, convincing. It's important to me from all sides. First, as for the father of three children – who sit in gadgets, phones, and every day telling me what new truths they learned about how actually the world works. I ask the question: "where is it You saw?" - "Well, blogger says so." "Cool!.."

Well, anyway, now is the amount of information that people have just to choose the one that is convenient to them. There is no analysis. If I'm reading something or trying to understand a certain topic, I try to read at least two or three or four different source directions that speak on the same topic. But no one does. That's why it is terrible for children, terrible.

And actually the question – not the answer, and the question! – we wanted to ask the audience, or rather to raise the audience: "And you believe what you read, see, hear?.. Think about it, do you believe?.. Double-check yourself! Pay attention, be careful".

At the premiere of "Invasion" © Anna Beauty

I Know, but another characteristic that I equate this film to state propaganda is that the source of "good news" you have is Sergey Brilev! This is just a joke!

now You just turned everything on its head. Sergei Brilev there is just captured.

First! And then we see him beating on the roof, including the "correct" signal and said, like, honest news – just me!

No, he's not talking. You are trying to get me on some very urgent issue, but he says there is not. He says that don't trust what you hear, only trust people who are close to you...

but in fact this fair phrase and makes him a hero: he bears the truth, which the movie characters are now unemployed. And considering that shaving is one of the main promoters, and it is read accordingly...

But he's not talking about propaganda.

This is understandable. I'm not saying that all of you speak in plain text. The fact of the danger of this film is that he works as a language of metaphors. Which one is considered and others will accept it all at face value... I have tired, I understand.

that's not it. You just... I don't understand for whom you are concerned. Well, really. For propaganda to whom? There is a feeling that you now belittle the viewer to the level of a Primate that sees, and says, "Here – state propaganda!.."

the Producers Alexander Andryushchenko and Mikhail Vrubel at the premiere of "Invasion" © Xenia ugolnikova

No, I see the problem is that it won't be noticed by an absolute majority, but when we shut off the Internet, your movie will be mentioned as one of the most vivid examples of why this is done: "You mean as in the "Invasion"?.."

Well, it's kind of the territory of evil.

so I'm afraid you came in.

No, we did not enter her enter you. And trying to pull me back.

We balance what is called.

No, I don't do that. I movie did. Well, I just don't agree with your position.

Then I can only admit that it was not possible to bring you clean water))

the Crew of the film "the Invasion" at the premiere © Gennadiy Avramenko

Last question: if the "Attraction" was conditional Biryulyovo, now what we discussed, what else explosive moments of our life today can, in your opinion, to be in the third series?

Look, I'll give you the answer interesting. Here's all the interviews so was under the feeling that we are sharp themes in the movie. But we do not. And the answer to your question – do we have a topic for the third part – no, it is not.

We're trying to tell an interesting, intriguing, emotional story. Of course, it requires some updating. And if that stems from history, as here with an "Invasion" when we needed to come up with alien invasion and think it corny, but interesting, actually, that it resonated with the audience, – then came the topic. Because it exists, we just took it. We have not invented, it's here.

the same thing will happen with the third part. We have no ideological task: to reveal another topic. If we come to writing the third part, we'll start with history. Who, what, where, what's it about?.. And will tell a story about heroes. If there is born the need for another actual topic – it is born from history.

Here is the answer. In no case do not start to invent a story using relevant topic that we want to tell. No, it's not happening here.

Thank you for the informative interview. I hope I'm not too upset by this interpretation. But I told you how I saw it.

No, it's very interesting. You're not upset, but a little scared. It's hard to upset me.

At the premiere of "Invasion" © Xenia ugolnikova

P. S. Alexander Andryushchenko refused to agree to this interview.

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