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A couple who met online, got into a fight on the first date

Women's portal Buduar.Info 08.01.2020 at 05:49

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Acquaintance in a Network has turned into a terrible disappointment for the pair from China. The Network got footage of a young man and a girl, which brought together the Internet, got into a fight at the first meeting in real life.

the Reason of the conflict was the use of both precise photos, reports News Yes.

published below footage shows the fight of a boy and a girl from an unnamed Chinese city. "Look at yourself, what you look like! On the photos you looked completely different," shouts the girl. With these words, she gets the man a punch bag.

"You're too good! Look, here are some photos that chicken I was sent. Is this really it?", — asked the man at the bystanders who were watching the conflict. "You bastard, you used me!", shouts the girl.

In response to a young man with such force pushes her Internet friend that she falls to the ground. "You don't even stand up for me?" — cried the Chinese woman, addressing the onlookers. However, they remain indifferent. In the end, the guy and girl go their separate ways.

the Services for Internet Dating are very popular in China. The most popular of them – it opened in 2003, the portal Jiayuan. More than 40 million active users and an estimated 135 million questionnaires.

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