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If a man does not call: 6 rules how to save a relationship

Women's blog Apriori 08.01.2020 at 11:28

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You recently met. Went on a date. Even last weekend had a nice conversation, and suddenly the man was gone...

Day, second, third... You're in a panic! You don't know what to think! Stop in order not to worsen the situation, find out a few simple rules how to keep and improve the relationship.

If a man does not call, it still about what does not speak. So don't panic. To maintain and improve relationships,learn some simple and effective rules.

1. Try to calm down. Hysteria can instantly destroy the good impression you left after the first meeting.

2. Perhaps, but I don... scared. For example, their aggressiveness, excessive interest, an avalanche of emotions. Unlike us, a man needs time to understand whether he needs a new relationship or not. Otherwise, roughly speaking, you through their actions, put on the male yoke and pull into the stall. And any man, first of all, freedom is important.

3. Do not invent the most terrible picture that it could happen and why he doesn't call. While he was calmly drinking a beer with friends, you're gaining his room, deciding that he had an accident, he was electrocuted or run over by a car, and he, poor man, could not reach the phone. Trust me, if a man wants to call he will call in any condition.

4. Read the rules... fishing. "When a fish is hooked, drastic action is contraindicated! Otherwise fall through and float away... Stay calm so that the fish gets firmly on the hook." It sounds strange, but man – the same fish. So never rush things. Don't rush it.

5. Nothing to do? Take care of yourself. If the thought of man is the only thing you care about, this is bad... If this person is your whole world, it will soon disappear. Because a man is interested in another person, and not a copy or a shadow.

6. Watch the movie "Promise – not to marry." And you all will become clear: what do you do and how to do in the beginning of the relationship.

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