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Why not live in the "Pratice"? Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Diesel of the previous generation – ultimate dream

MComp 10.01.2020 at 12:29

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The Network argues, what unites SUV dreams "for Mature people" with real estate.

the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado SUVs, in particular a diesel engine, according to experts the best reflection of the slogan of the Japanese automaker, which encourages everyone to "manage the dream". But if the price of "the dream" of a new generation, gain in the cabin, "bite", then a more affordable option, "only" 3 million 50 thousand rubles is represented by "dream" with mileage.

the same amount or so asking on the secondary market today for Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Diesel in a rich picking Luxe 2017 release with the motor 2.8 l New such no longer exists, their place was taken by Prado last generation, and the cost of 3.5-4 million rubles on the new "Kruzak" has increased even more, and already broke the mark of 5.5 million rubles. Expert YouTube-channel "service Club" believes the acquisition "slightly used" Prado best, and, in fact, it is difficult not to agree, if there is the correct amount, which, unfortunately, unaffordable for the majority of the Russian motorists, why have to settle for less.

3 million "a penny" in the form of a diesel Prado "still fresh", previous generation the buyer receives the average consumption of "diesel fuel" 11 l/100 km and a complete set of systems of safety, comfort, locks, adjustments, suspension, leather interior and many other "buns". The main advantage of car is that in it, except for costs associated with the purchase and registration, no longer need to invest, because "Toyota does things". It is also noted that the Toyota Prado little lost in the price, so the squeezer on the "Pratice" 3-5 years, it can still be profitable to sell.

the Main problem is that to find Toyota Land Cruiser Prado with the "diesel" or "gasoline", even 3-5 year old in good condition for a "cheap" real problem, and the price is 3-3. 5 million for 3-year-old prestige SUV is in excellent condition fair, considering the high liquidity of Toyota in General.

Thus, investing in the acquisition of proven bases and a HUNDRED of a used Prado 3 years of age profitable – no wonder this car I want all the "Mature people". "I sold our apartment, now we live in Pratice!", - ironically the network.

However, it was not without a spoon of tar. It turns out that the Prado does not want anything due to the fact that he "does not go": "Diesel Prado and the word "travel" can't stand in one sentence. Have protochni slowly - Yes", "Machine dream, but for 14 s to 100 km is not just negative, it's shameful."

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