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The unicorn-unimodular of the month in January!

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 04.01.2020 at 16:49

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

At this time, we decided that the Unicorn to be anomodontia of the month in January. After all, we come to the end of 2019, with certain desires and even goals. It is time to implement. And then our "Wishmaster" will be most welcome.

This means that before the end of the month you can purchase this inomoderator with 20% discount!

let's talk frankly.

Do you think that there is something or someone who will fulfill all your wishes on the magic?

I Hope you are realistic and understand that without our efforts to make this difficult.

Yes, to help with the process, and the Unicorn is one of such assistants. But to start the process and send it we should.

But it is possible under certain conditions, the main of which - a clear understanding of what we want in reality. A unicorn cannot know this. It can help to realize the already formed in our minds the program. At least in the Bud.

Believe my experience of a psychologist and a coach – 95% of people do not realize what they really want. The wishes of the majority of amorphous and uncertain. From the series: "I Want something great and pure."

At the moment I'm doing the 30 day marathon in Batcape "Adjustment of self". I want to tell you that almost all the participants at the beginning of the process was about the same condition. But after some study already in the middle of our fun events almost all came to a completely different level of awareness and understanding of their goals.

people changes started to happen easy on the eyes that could not but rejoice. Note that many of these modulators are not, and they don't even have views about them.

Yeah it's some work. Maybe sometimes not very easy, but brings inestimable benefit to man when he begins to understand the reasons for not living the life of your dreams.

you and were in luck!

we Have such assistants as unimodularity. Them all the process proceed easier and faster. That is, we get tangible results much faster than in normal conditions.

when you see the results, this is a great inspiring! We begin to believe in yourself, thereby, create the conditions for even better results.

But even with our wonderful devices without the knowledge of the basic rules of goal setting to achieve something almost impossible.

Okay rules! Eka wonder – learn the rules! But you try to "Wade" through the thickets of their wrong beliefs and attitudes that are ingrained in our subconscious so that we do not even notice.

And with all this also have to deal with on the way to the goal.

I have often held for the members of our club webinars on the topic of achieving goals. But at some point I realized that the one-time promotions do not make sense. Need purposeful work in this direction. Let not 30 days, but at least 5 days of intensive work. It will give a good boost to improve awareness.

And this intensive I will be conducting in mid-January on the basis of their community on Facebook "Semicoking as a way of life".

It is not just the intensity, but a sort of quest with game elements. Of course, we will be the winners. Of course there will be prizes and many other interesting and useful things.

by the Way, quest free.

So I invite you to join my community , not to miss information about the quest.

2020 sleep is not QUITE the word!

That will lay this year, and will go in the next decade of your life.

So Wake up, friends!

With a Unicorn or not, but Wake up.

And become more healthy, more successful, more happy.

It's possible!

to Join the community "Semicoking as a way of life" >>

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