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Overview: world markets fuelled by the geopolitics of

Forex Club 10.01.2020 at 16:04

In world stock markets on Friday 10 January is celebrated as the upward movement in stock indices.

Investors continue to react to geo-political factors. In particular, decreased the intensity of U.S.-Iranian confrontation. In addition, investors are awaiting the signing next week of the first phase of the us-China trade agreement.

the American market drew attention to the neutral data on the U.S. labor market for December. Thus, the number of jobs outside agriculture in the U.S. last month increased by 145 thousand and the unemployment rate remained at 50-year low of 3.5%. Experts expect preservation of the norm of unemployment at this level, however, projected job growth 160 thousand.

US stocks on this background in early trading session, rising by 0,1-0,3%.

Western European stock indexes are rising in the evening also on 0,1-0,3% to the previous close.

bidders on the grounds of region play data on the growth of volume of industrial production in France in November by 0.3% in October. Experts expect increases only by 0.1%.

the Euro against the dollar remains around the level of 1.11. The volatility of the main currency pair let one of the traders Forex Club earn over the past day 7,2 thousands of dollars on long positions on the pair.

To 18.06 GMT the Euro was down against the previous fixing by 0.04% and amounted to 1,1101 dollar.

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