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Habra-analysis: when is the best time to publish your post?

The best publications per day 12.01.2020 at 08:11

Best publications in the last 24 hours

You do go on habré more than once a day? Not to read something useful, and just scroll through the home in search of "something to add to the list to read later"? Ever noticed that posts published at night, collecting fewer hits and rating than fluorescent? What can you say about the publications, vyshedshih in the middle of the weekend?

When I published the previous post-analysis of dependence of indicators of publications of its length, Exosphere in the comments said that "there is some linkage out time and indicators publications (but the correlation is weak)". You know I could not pass up?

so, is it important to publish on habré from 09:00 to 18:00? Or maybe only on Tuesday? What can you say about the day after payday? The holiday period? Well, you understand. Today, try to know the time prescription the best publications in the world.

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