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Looking literary critic from Istanbul?

Full tape of POLIT.RU 12.01.2020 at 13:42

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Literary critic, columnist of the portal "Bitter" Liza Birger told the correspondent of "" Anya Goldman on the TV series "Personality" about a serial killer from Istanbul. The Turkish TV series on IMDB (9,2) yet managed to beat only the "Game of thrones", "the Wire" and "Chernobyl."

Yesterday, finally, I watched "Identity" (Şahsiyet) is a Turkish TV series that breaks all the items of the Hays code. I have, perhaps, ten years, ever since I saw "Life on Mars" and "State of play", watching the series on fast-forward because they are always from 5 to 90 percent water. So, in the "Personality" there is not a single passage of the frame.

This is the story of a man of high rules, a former assistant district judge, who learns that he has Alzheimer's and is sent to kill, while something else has not forgotten.

This is a story about how the Turks see themselves as a country of corrupt policemen, cruel powerful men, of noble old men and powerless women, where the only hope of old men and women.

Finally, it is wildly funny and beautifully played story, whose main character reminds me of my own grandfather, a noble man of high rules, the Deputy Director of the Institute of theoretical physics — with the same moustache and the same Alzheimer's.

this film shows the city — turned out quite unfeigned Istanbul, across the dark streets which go strange person, and this is no surprise.

the Main character is called Beyoglu yeah, the name literally means "son of the master," but it's actually the name of Istanbul, which is traditionally associated with Europe. There were all the embassies, all cinemas, all "meyhana" places for drinking. In Ottoman times there were the Venetian Governor — baylo. Actually "Beyoglu" — as the Turks heard "baylo".

At the beginning of the show is a great episode, when the man drags the hero in the Flower passage, where previously the smoke was a yoke, and now sit among the sad old men, and behind the walls of tourist Hey hop-La La Ley with endless trade key chains. Legendary Galatasaray market, ten years ago to supply fresh products all the restaurants Istiklal, dying before my eyes. And in the middle of the meal the hero hits the table with his fist and shouts: "what is it!" Buddy tries to calm him down, "Come on out here we don't place" — "But I'm not going anywhere! My name Beyoglu! That they let go." This feeling that welled up in the darkness and it is necessary to disperse, it is generally very Turkish and Istanbul, because Istanbul is experiencing its most painfully.

In "Personality" for quite boldly shown that the darkness comes from not waiting — out of a sense of unity or parochial pride. Unity — "One for all and all for one" — also produces monsters.

And yet it is a film about how madly, desperately, want to live, in spite of all monsters. The main character has a brilliant monologue: "Let them all die and I will stay here on this loneliness I'm ready just to live."

the Actor bilginer the Haluk (Haluk Bilginer) for his starring role in the series won an international Emmy award, and the rating of the series now on IMDB is 9.2 (above only the "Game of thrones", "Wiretapping" and "Chernobyl"). The series was made for the Internet, and it is posted on in Turkish with English subtitles, but if you do not open outside of Turkey, you can try with Russian subtitles on