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Quote #459514 11.01.2020 at 05:13

Book Runet, "Opinion: remote work is beneficial to the business"

Sergey Stepanchenko:

over the last few years have spent a lot of interviews and always seeing the geography of the applicant's time on the road more than an hour definitely urge you to think about whether he would be appropriate and not embarrassing to spend this time to reach us and then return home in the evening. and, as practice shows, not in vain please. sometimes "change their mind". and after this they responded to the position, not me they were looking for a summary. then I saw the geography, then saw the time. so why just not think that will not work. the behavior and thoughts of seemingly educated and intelligent people sometimes inexplicable...

Ivan Kolyhalov:

> over the last few years

you like working on the last sever

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