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All's well that in moderation

Zadolba!whether 12.01.2020 at 05:36

Angry look on the other side of the counter

You Know, I personally am not against upgrades. But not when things change too radically. Here all known operating system that is starting with the eighth version has got tiles in conjunction with the desktop, in mobile, in the desktop version. The result was a hybrid of a hedgehog with a snake: the tiled interface is extremely inconvenient on a desktop computer, and a work Desk it is impossible to use on mobile devices with touch screen. Here's a tenner, same settings, which differ depending on the specific version of the Assembly.

Here are the mobile phones. One invented to make celinechannel housing without a possibility of self-replacement battery all over again and now it's standard. And Yes, if the battery vadovas, simply squeezed the back cover without serious damages of the hull, now because of the sulker burst screens and the back wall. One idea was it to make the back wall of glass, and now have absolutely neutropenia machines because everything is repeated. One in pursuit of bermocoll invented to make "bangs", where the top of the screen has virtually no space for notification icons and which bites off part of the image expanded to full screen — all the other repeated. One further continued this trend and came up with a hole in the screen and put the camera all over again.

One came up to stick a camera under the plate, which in the overall design of the phone looks very terrible and everything is repeated.

Here are the known social network that once turned the interface on its head, which used to the comfortable and logical interface for the old users for a long time could not navigate in the new website, and simultaneously updated the mobile app did is very similar to the original idiot made the app famous photo-dump.

Here are the known email service, which recently got a new interface and was slow even on a not a weak machine.

Let's not, eh?

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