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An unknown creature killed a great white shark

NEWS PLANET 10.01.2020 at 15:39

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What creature could have killed one of the most dangerous sea predators – white shark, the size of which reaches three meters?

In 2003 in Australia was installed on the fins of great white sharks special sensors for further monitoring and control. The sensor was placed on a three-meter female that was the "alpha shark". But just a few months, the sensor of this shark was discovered on the shore. Experts examined the find and found that the sensor was corroded by acid. For more than one decade, scientists are trying to deal with the data obtained with this device, according to the portal PLANETANOVOSTI.COM.

the Device indicates that the shark is very sharply down to a great depth. Perhaps, at this time, it's dragged down. After that, the temperature increased dramatically from 7.7 to 25.5 degrees. This temperature can only be in the stomach of a sea animal. At this level the temperature is held for 8 days, and then the device gradually rose to the surface of the water and was soon discovered by experts. All of this suggests that the shark was someone killed, eaten and digested, and the remains came out naturally.

some scientists believe that to kill a great white shark could the orca. They often eat the liver of these large predators. At the same time, the sensor was at a depth that is much greater than that can dive orcas. Although no one can rule out that it might be "whale-record", because some killer whales can dive very deep, though this occurs not often.