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Mystery of the strange sounds coming from the Earth

NEWS PLANET 10.01.2020 at 15:59

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In June 2018, experts have discovered strange seismic signals, the duration of which was 20 minutes. What is happening interested scientists and they have begun another study. It was soon established that the cause of these sounds is the formation of a completely new underwater volcano, according to the portal PLANETANOVOSTI.COM.

a lot of earthquakes recorded in the Indian ocean. For the entire period of the study was about 7000 tectonic earthquakes. This happens when tectonic plates get stuck and can't move forward due to a fairly strong pressure. As a result of their friction and causing the earthquakes.

the Most powerful aftershock had the power to 5.9 points and was recorded at the end of spring 2018. Near the East coast of the island of Mayotte was audible signals, but the specialists have not found absolutely no signs of volcanic activity. At the same time, there were suspicions that a new volcano just starting its formation. Soon it was noted that there was a drowning of the island by as much as 14 inches. This arises as a result of the activity, which is directly related to earthquakes.

Scientists during studies have proved that magma quickly rose almost to the surface of the Earth. Because of this, at the bottom of the ocean formed the channel and the magma began to flow, thereby forming a new volcano.