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Scientists have discovered young stars where they should not exist

NEWS PLANET 11.01.2020 at 08:44

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Our galaxy is surrounded by many old stars and hot gas, the temperature of which does not allow to form new stars. Despite this, astronomers still saw new facilities where they seemingly can not exist, according to the portal PLANETANOVOSTI.COM.

his finding, scientists announced at a meeting of the American astronomical society on 7 January. Experts discussed the emergence of new formations in an area where there should be only old stars.

the picture shows the blue marked relatively recently formed stars, which are located at the outer edge of our galaxy. They could be out of gas, transfered from other galactic systems. The cluster of stars estimated 120 million years, the objects are separated by a 94 thousand light-years from Earth.

Adrian Price-Whelan from the Institute of the Flatiron district in new York notes that education could not be formed in a different part of the galaxy. They were born there, where we are now. The only question is: how is it possible, if the quantity of cold gas there is not enough?

Perhaps the clue is hiding in the Magellanic clouds which are galaxies satellites of the milky Way. From there he could do enough gas. If so, scientists have found a new way of star formation.