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In December in the area of the SUPERVOLCANO long valley occurred 279 earthquakes

NEWS PLANET 11.01.2020 at 09:10

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From the California volcano Observatory received a new report that shows the activity of volcanoes of the American state over the last month. All surprised SUPERVOLCANO long valley since December in the area of education happened 279 earthquakes, according to the portal PLANETANOVOSTI.COM.

the report stated only aftershocks with magnitude more than one point. 36 events experts have recorded at the Caldera, the force on the Richter scale amounted to a maximum of two points.

6 manifestations of seismic activity with the power of VTI score was in the area of Monocriterion. And the only jolt was recorded at the foot of Mammoth mountain.

the Greatest strength of the phenomena, experts recorded in the region of the spine of the Sierra Nevada: the maximum capacity was 3.6 points. The rest of the aftershocks were not as serious.

the Earthquake sensors detect and the complex Obliquely. There was 241 jolt with a magnitude higher than one point.