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Destroy the humanity gamma-ray burst, which will cover the Earth?

NEWS PLANET 11.01.2020 at 09:41

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From time to Time occur in space, apocalyptic scenarios: the stars no longer "burn" and crumble under its own weight. Another variant is possible, when there is a collision of neutron stars. The result is a gamma-ray burst in different directions releases a tremendous amount of energy, according to the portal PLANETANOVOSTI.COM.

for example, a catastrophic event has occurred within 100 light years from Earth that is quite small. The surge will last approximately 10 seconds (max a minute). The blow would have received one hemisphere. Destruction turned out to be huge: power comparable to that which is freed when you reset a nuclear bomb of one megaton on each 2.5 square km of land.

the People were scorched from heat from the ozone layer would not have left. Life would persist for some time in the oceans at a depth of several hundred meters. I am glad that the likelihood of this scenario is zero, so how about we don't have stars, which is able to produce the Apocalypse. Under suspicion is only the star ETA Carinae, but it is remote at 7500 light years. However, during the death of the body, even from this distance could put enough particles Migunov our way to expose people to a lethal dose of radiation.

Thus, in the circumstances, the Land may be again lifeless. The benefit of explicit threats are not yet available.