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Unknown virus overcomes more and more citizens of China: the authorities are trying to hide information

NEWS PLANET 12.01.2020 at 09:27

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Experts in the field of health urge the Chinese authorities to hide the real situation in the country regarding the recent outbreak of pneumonia is unknown, according to the portal PLANETANOVOSTI.COM.

it is Known that since December in Wuhan admitted 59 people, while almost half of the infected people have been in hospitals over the past few weeks. 5, the condition of seven patients, the doctors assessed as severe, their lives hang in the balance.

No one to this day knows exactly how the virus overcomes people in China. The authorities did not react to the situation, while the media did not mention the acute respiratory syndrome in 2003 killed 774 people, only then has suffered more than 8 thousand citizens. On 1 January the police were 8 people suspected of spreading rumors of an outbreak of an unknown virus. This shows the authorities ' desire to "pacify" the press.

In hospitals for patients allocate a separate chamber, to maximally isolate them from journalists. China more interested in maintaining control over the situation, rather than on the observance of international rules in the field of health. So, who needs to stay informed about any large-scale outbreak, and it fails.

on 11 January it became known case of death: died of pneumonia 61-year-old man. A microbiologist by the name of Sean Lin believes that the authorities know a lot more, however silent. What the outcome of the spread of the strain, only time will tell.