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Scientists have found who live in the "wilderness" of the Pacific ocean

NEWS PLANET 12.01.2020 at 15:14

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In the heart of the South Pacific was discovered removed from the earth. It is so far away that you could even say that it was a different ocean.

These waters are in the South Pacific gyre. At its center is the "oceanic pole of inaccessibility", which is famous for being considered a space graveyard. The South Pacific gyre is considered to be one of the biggest on the planet. Experts call it a "desert" according to the portal PLANETANOVOSTI.COM.

But who lives in the cycle. To explore this stretch of ocean is very difficult not only due to the fact that it is very far from earth, but also has a huge size. The area of the cycle is approximately 37 million square kilometers.

In December, 2015 was held a six-week expedition, which allowed us to learn more about the living beings that inhabit the gyre in the Pacific ocean. Through the use of systems analysis, the experts were able not only to take samples of microbial populations that inhabit the depth of five kilometers, but also to identify them in less than two days.

the result has been to detect the same types of microbes that were previously found in other cycles. Their distribution depended on the depth and temperature of water. The study proved once again that this part of the ocean is unique, because it can live only in those organisms that have adapted to extreme conditions and require only minimal amounts of nutrients.