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The Gallup Q12 questionnaire Blog 11.01.2020 at 18:56

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In the article on habré came across a mention of the Gallup questionnaire on job satisfaction of the twelve questions. Tried it on and the companies where I worked. Evaluation is very similar to objective.

as Applicable to himself personally and to work with employees.

For each question is given a response from 1 (absolutely no) to 5 (Yes, fully). The result is obtained by summing the responses and dividing by 12.

do I Know what is expected of me at work? Do I have the materials and equipment that I needed for the proper performance of my job? If I have to work the opportunity every day to do what I do best? Did I the past seven days thanks or approval for a job well done? Do I have the feeling that my immediate supervisor or someone else at work cares about me as a person? If I have work the man who encourages my growth? Do I have the feeling that the work is considered with my opinion? Let me objective (goal) of my company to feel the importance of my work? Do my colleagues (workmates) my duty to do the job efficiently? If it works in my company one of my best friends? Over the last six months, someone at work talked to me about my progress? If I had to work in the past year, opportunities for learning and growth?

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