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VTB Broker lazy to count taxes. Overpayments customers - customer issues.

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Once again with a heavy heart and consciousness of a mistake completed a fellowship with VTB Broker.

the Essence of the problem in the following. In November of 2019 I purchased the bonds of VTB, coupon payments on which were provided in December. That is 5/6 of the coupon income I paid the seller. In January I received a tax calculation where they found that VTB Broker as my tax agent, offering me to pay tax on the whole amount of the coupon, not 1/6 as I expected.

I Called the call center. There I first reported that the tax on coupon income with me at all was not calculated. In response to my question, why, then, accrued taxes, I was told that all the same with a coupon (!). In this case, I was informed that the overpayment may be returned, but for this I need to collect a pile of documents, go to the tax, and everything properly arranged. When I was asked to do it through my tax agent, VTB Broker, it became clear that this is impossible, because (on the fun!) in the regulations of the VTB Broker says that the tax is withheld from all of the coupon income.

That is, VTB Broker lazy properly considered taxes, and the correction of their mistakes — the problem of the client to help which they are not going because it is recorded in their regulations.

a Similar "discreet service" discourages any desire to deal with VTB Broker.