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Buy: Norilsk Nickel and MTS

Club traders sMart-Lab. We make money on the exchange. 13.01.2020 at 14:01

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Buy Norilsk Nickel

Shares of Norilsk Nickel had a very strong 2019 and us have been repeatedly noted in the reviews. The target price have been raised several times in recent years against the backdrop of various factors, and despite the fact that the company's securities are now near historical highs, there remains the potential for further growth. The main reason is the revaluation of the Russian market as a whole against the background of changes of orientation in the form of interest rates. In this situation, to add may not be the most strong from a fundamental point of view of the company, but the main focus will continue to be made on the leaderboard. According to the operational report for the 9 months. 2019, the company increased the production of all key metals, including Nickel 6%, copper 6% and palladium 7% platinum 8%. The demand for major commodity groups remained stable on world markets, moreover, is projected to further increase, especially palladium and copper. Production growth is primarily associated with the increase of the main performance capacity, and the output of the Bystrinsky GOK project capacity. The growth of key financial and operating indicators allows to count on growth of dividends. In 2019 the total paid 1488 rubles per 1 share, this will be another payment, bringing difdocument probably closer to 10%, based on current prices. The company develops balanced in addition to decent dividend, due consideration is given to the implementation of the development Strategy, which is reflected in the dynamics of capital expenditures, however, the current market conditions and the level of development of the company allows to combine these costs. If the beginning of 2020 will continue to evolve in a positive way, papers of Norilsk Nickel should stay in the market leaders.

Current level:

the opening Price of 20 018

profit Target 19 740

Limiting losses 20 704

Purchase MTS

, MTS Shares have not remained aloof from the growth of the Russian market in the second half of last year and significantly strengthened its position. The combination of two key factors – a stable improved performance and new dividend policy, almost guaranteeing payments above the average of the market made the securities of the company attractive from both major investors and individuals. At the end of the 3rd quarter and 9 months, the company achieved growth in key financial metrics, including free cash flow, as well as optimized debt portfolio, by restructuring large loans at lower rates due to the two bond issues for a total of 25 billion rubles. In the context of future prospects of the company maintaining a leading position in the core business and the successful transition to a broader spectrum of digital services in the field of transmission and storage. In the next two years the expansion of the system of digital products will be one of the key tasks. According to the guidelines and circumstantial evidence, the groundwork for successful advancement in this area is. For 2019, the company paid a total of 21.93 per share, there is still a payment for 12 months. year. The aggregate amount of the payments according to company policy, must exceed 28 rubles, but, according to our estimates, will amount to approximately 29.5 rubles per share.

Current level:

the opening Price 321,75

profit Target 318,15

the limitation of the losses 332,80

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