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How to work on Seosprint?

Serega's blog Goncharova 08.01.2020 at 15:00

All about creating sites, their promotion and about earnings in the Internet

Hello Everyone!!!

I Want to tell you about an old project that has recently been updated. He has a new design, new rules, and indeed all new.

Many people know Seosprint. So, now he's in a new wrapper, which I like more than the former.

so let's begin!

to start earning you need to register. Registration for the project is simplified. You have to press in the upper right corner click "Create account" you Need to come up with a name for the project, enter your valid E-mail, window your personal tutor is filled, is the one who invited you to the project. We pass a captcha, in this case, to find the feathered animals find birds. Now here you go. click continue and go to your profile.

Next, go to profile and fill everything there is. Attach the phone and wallet, the avatar is also doing. It boosts you in the rankings. Phone attach not required, but is a guarantee that you won't get hacked.

once you've registered, your status is "Guest". in order for you to make more money you need to achieve the status of "Oligarch". In addition to go through 9 statuses.


When you just came to the project, you are assigned as "Guest". It restricts everything that is possible. To move to the status of "Trainee", you need to fill out a form in the profile. Just above I've described.

For comparison, a description of the benefits of status.

How to increase your ranking?

Earn using the methods in the Earnings section to advertise the job and to comment, leave feedback, subscribe to Publish in the ribbon to gather friends and followers (coming soon) to Participate in the market (coming soon) to Teach their referrals to Select referrer-curator Often on SEO sprint

All just isn't it.

What to do next. All just go to the section earn. There are a lot of jobs, surfing and quests. To be honest I do not like quests. But the job is fairly easy, and pay more for it than surfing. If that is below the picture. Where at the moment the most expensive tasks.

to be honest was a job and more expensive. There is a second page. Those tasks cannot recommend, they are very similar to fraudulent.

now, how to distinguish between scams. and not spend your time on them.

here is the picture below, on what to pay attention to.

the First thing you should notice is the ratio of paid and rejected tasks. On this picture we see 5 paid and 0 denied jobs.

the Second. Price the job too high. Are unable normal job cost 2000-6000 rubles.

the Third thing. The rating task. How many stars got the job. There is zero. Avoid such tasks side.

this particular job may not be a fraud. This job is not easy and it goes as a bonus to referrals the author of the task. This is a continuation of the task. I only gave you an example of what you should pay attention.

Everything else is easy enough. Surfing easy. There is done for only a fool will not understand.

All you need to do to make good money is to complete quests and to invite referrals.

On the invitation referrals.

you Need to take the link. In the picture below indicate the location. And advertise or invite friends.

as well slightly below below the selected promotional content recruitment. It allows you to gain referrals from those who came independently. There everything is simple and clear, so I do not cover this topic.

the rest. The project really pays. Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend it to you.

That all of the draft Seosprint?

Seosprint is an advertising platform, personally I promote my and other people's projects.

by the Way. About the advance. Here too there is a lot of scams. You will receive a blank report, or can be the same from 2 different users. What is it and how to avoid it?

it is Not necessary to feel sorry for these accounts and pay them hoping for their virtue. Reject the job and throw in an emergency. These are people who have a lot of fake accounts.

And even better when you create a job, make the right settings. Let the price of the job will be higher by a few cents. But be sure that money put away.

Below the picture, which shows what you should pay attention to when drafting job.

the Only way you can avoid wasting time and money. These settings eliminate the cheaters. Even if you can bypass IP blocking, there is VPN. The scammers will not pass the rating. Usually these people don't bother filling in the account and receiving good reviews. On the contrary there are those who have a rating of minus the leaves. And they just these settings will bypass your task party.

Link to project

And that's it!

Thanks for reading and good luck with earnings!!!

If you liked this article or did not like write in the comments why.

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