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How to recognize scams on the net and not be a sucker?

Serega's blog Goncharova 10.01.2020 at 15:00

All about creating sites, their promotion and about earnings in the Internet


Today I want to talk to you on the subject of scams.

Yes, already there were articles on the website about the specific distribution sites. I would say more, else there will be more articles about fraudulent sites, courses, schemes and the like.

in the meantime, this article about how to recognize what is the website advertising course or fraudulent scheme.

I will describe 5 signs you saw that you need to go to the site urgently.

So these 5 signs.

Promises a very large income for minimal investment, and minimal actions: — No offense. Then you have to bend the minimum. It is possible for the minimum money. Yes, even at $ 100. Still a shame. It's your money and you earned them. Go to a ice cream shop will buy. Or if you are a supporter of a healthy lifestyle, add this money to pay the gym. Benefits will be more. Understand once and for all. Not online easy money. Yes, there are working schemes, working courses, but there is no loot button. But paid access to it. How so? Yes, just you I will give money to some crook. He is just the button is. And that's you. Can't be books, with clicks for which they pay$ 1 for a single click, you pay 1 ruble. Cost per click is 25 cents, understand it and don't waste your time. If you want to earn online, then throw my site to bookmarks and look in the announcements of the release dates articles. This is all free. A lot of advertising on the journal boxes — Yes on my website you probably have moved too, with advertising. But I'm not asking you for this money, and do not call to buy something and register on dubious websites. The sites that I am offering you a proven and working for many years. Here it is, just on advertising with appeals to buy something, to register and obtain a lot of money. Type in the journal boxes are often walking advertisements, money-making scheme at a casino. Rather, the scheme of the income of the person who advertises such on you. If you want an article about how he does it, with your help, please tell us in the comments and I will release an article about it. You got on a payment system Epay: — it Happens that, really want to buy something that is advertised. Well who would refuse from private access to the button that allows you to earn in 5 minutes 500 rubles. And is that this button is only 200 rubles, but I'll bet the first time around. Okay, want buy. But know that the payment system Epay, is a sign of fraud. Only this system adopts the turnover of everything in it stick. She is not whimsical and works with all. And you won't even be able to write tech support about the fact that you cheated. Because the system is Chinese, or to be more precise is registered in Hong Kong. And they still on you. They have their own laws, they received a percentage for the translation everything else is none of their business. So I saw bring down the Epay website. Please enter the CVC code from the card: — Never enter this code on the questionable website. You can enter if you transferred on your Bank's website or in a separate open window of the Bank. Otherwise you can lose everything. The same applies to the password from the card. Even his Bank asks to enter, except in the terminal. Asking money in advance 100% payment: — This is more for those who order something online (perhaps you want to order a website creation, article writing and similar freelancing services). 100% payment can take only freelance exchange. They have a money back guarantee. The money is in the account, and do not go to the executor to confirm the transaction. But if you are on the Internet met a man, who out of kindness will make you something at the lowest price, but the money in advance and in full. Say goodbye to your money and ordering. Neither one nor the other will not see. The person making something you can take with you is 50% Deposit, the rest after you get acquainted with the work and everyone is happy transfer the remainder of the money, you give all the passwords, logins, addresses all of it. By the way if you are not happy with the order, but man is it conscientiously fulfilled. You can ask for something to change. But in any case a 50% Deposit will not be returned. How, then, I'm here and can cheat? No. The fact is that the contractor is obliged to conclude an agreement with you, this is a legal document with him in court. If does not enter, then look for another contractor.

so, I've described 5 common signs of a Scam. Saw one close site.

of Course cheating on the Internet a lot. Even harmless dont forget there are people who are trying to cash in on you. In each article that relate to sites for earnings I describe not only the way of earning, but also the possible deceptions on the website. So read other articles.

in General, to avoid becoming a sucker. Perform more complex actions.

Open the Yandex, Google or any search network Drive in the search bar (Real feedback about the website, course, circuit *****) Visit the sites and forums and read what is written there.

All the 3 easy steps that will help you save money, not to give them to someone.

Many of those who read this post will say, "I'm a fool? Everything is so simple. I'm like the last person to explain what I know." You know what? Know and apply your knowledge this is 2 different steps. So if you know, then apply your knowledge to practice and not be suckers.

Thank you for your attention have a good earnings!

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