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How to work on Socpublic?

Serega's blog Goncharova 13.01.2020 at 15:00

All about creating sites, their promotion and about earnings in the Internet


Today parse how to work on a fairly old bushing Socpublic. And how many can you earn?

the fact that the market pays, I have no doubt. Although I do not particularly sitting there, but the material sometimes surfing and looking for jobs. And I'm dripping a lot of money.

Okay, here we go.

Buks is quite simple and intuitive. As soon as you click on the link you will see three offers (to earn, to advertise, to attract). I must say that earn millions here you won't. It is not sad, but for simple actions paid a penny. But as I said earlier in my articles, boxes it is a good tool for earning money from the outside.

In General, let's order.

About the registration and all so clear. If not, the next registration window is live. It all looks so.

once signed up, you need to go into the settings and everything is set. That is to tie social networks, wallets, security, and so on. It is desirable to have a profile there and fill it out and pass the test. It will give +5 points to the rating.

why do we need ranking? And here is why. Each bushing has a career. The higher you get the more you earn. That's just an example of the statuses of the smallest and highest.

the Novice Status

the Income from the Ref. 1st level 5%

(surfing, emails, visits, tests) Income from Ref. 1 level 1%

(job) a Withdrawal every 3 days

(frequency) Instantaneous output (max. amount) 11. Commission for the withdrawal of normal

(see in settings) Comments and complaints is not

(about users, tasks, etc.) Connection referrals not

(loose can join) Exchange referrals is not

(participation in the exchange)

the Status of Grand master

the Income from the Ref. 1st level of 60%

(surfing, emails, visits, tests) Income from Ref. 1 level-10%

(jobs) Income from Ref. 2nd level 10%

(surfing, emails, visits, tests) Income from Ref. 2-level of 5%

(jobs) Income from Ref. 3rd level-2%

(surfing, emails, visits, tests) Income from Ref. 3rd level-2%

(jobs) Income from orders 5%

(Ref. 1 level) Withdrawal times in 3 hours

(frequency) of the Instantaneous output of 1500 rubles. the withdrawal fee is 25% less

(see in settings) Comments and complaints Yes

(about users, tasks, etc.) Connection referrals Yes

(loose can join) Exchange referrals full

(participation in the exchange)

How to get to Grand master?

it's that simple. Experience points you receive for:

Rewards for achievements in withdrawals withdrawals your referrals for replenishment of promotional balance

but how earned points, so they can be lost for:

violation of the rules project For the absence within 7 days upon project -1 point

Another way to raise his rating. First — go to "Daily bonus", it is available after the assignments, surfing, visits. At the top there is the Apple and click on it all the same what to go to the daily bonus. The second is to go every day into the "Treasury" and to open these chests. On pictures they paid because I have already collected bonuses. Through certain times of these bonuses will once again be free.

we can get to work. Yes, the payment is not the highest among PTC sites. But a lot of jobs and they are very simple. They can make a short 10 pieces. And 10 rubles on conclusion fills in approximately 20 minutes. Surfing and visits here too many letters. Without work will not remain.

now the most interesting question. How much can you earn? If no referrals 100 — 200 rubles a day freely. With referrals of course more.

now, as always I must warn you about the scams.

the site Itself is not a fraud. What concerns its control ( writing, surfing, visits and tests ) — payment instant. But when you select a job, pay attention to the rating task. It should not go in the negative. Also if you have feedback about the job, especially if they are highlighted in red and not green, it is necessary to read them. The rest of the site blocks the scams very quickly. If you are confused about the bottom picture. What should pay attention when choosing jobs.

the same with the advertising company. When you create a task, you need to check the reports. You can come blank reports or copied from someone . They should not pay and drain your money.

And even better when drafting job, make the right settings. in this case, riders, your assignments won't be shown.

What to do? In the picture below are one hundred it should be noted.

Down to restrict access and choose these settings. Why them? Riders are always in a minus rating. The IP filter is set optional if there are restrictions in your assignment. Yes spend on the job will have a little more. But it will be good quality jobs without draining your budget.

And again we return to earnings. Earnings on referrals. Suggest you take the link to attract workers. It combines all 3 links. And begin to advertise. For those who do not like links just below the banner is ready.

you can Also when you reach the status of "Student" buying referrals on the exchange. Just take a look at their activity, it is necessary that the referral was fresh. Do not buy the employee who attended the account last time, a month ago.

When you reach the status of "Advanced" you can join me free referrals. How to do it? To create jobs.

Well, the main thing that referrals want to work with you, don't forget to organize competitions, bonuses and to make good Ref-Beck. Believe very little you will lose if you share.

Ref-Beck as contests, bonuses are very easy. Below, you can see exactly what it looks like to me.

that's it.

If you are interested, here is the link to the site

Great earnings! I hope this article was useful. Write about it in the comments.

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