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In New Zealand the number of building permits decreased by 8.5% in November

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According to data Tuesday from Statistics New Zealand, in November, adjusted for seasonality, the number of building permits fell sharply by 8.5% month-on-month and amounted to 3 0204.

In October the number of building permits decreased by 1.3%. Data were downwardly revised. It was initially reported that the index fell 1.1%.

it Was issued 1 980 permits for the construction of Autonomous houses, 722 permit the construction of townhouses, 291 permission for the construction of apartments and 211 for the construction of housing for seniors.

For the fiscal year, which ended in November 2019, the actual number of building permits amounted to 37 010, which is 13% more than in the year that ended in November 2018.

the Annual value of approved construction works non-residential buildings was NZ$7.4 billion, which is 4.9% more than in November 2018.

By region number of building permits in the year that ended in November 2019, increased compared to the previous reporting period. Thus, in Auckland the number of permits increased by 16% to 14 866 units in the Waikato by 13% to 4 176, in Wellington - 11% to 3 036 and the rest of Northern Islands by 6.9% to 5 849 units. Meanwhile, in Canterbury, the number of permits issued has increased by 14% and amounted to 5 310, and the rest of the South island index has increased by 10% to 3 772.

In November 2019 the following types of non-residential buildings had the highest value. The construction of the school building at a cost of NZ$1.0 billion, which is 1.5% more than in the previous reporting period. The cost of construction of shops, restaurants and bars decreased by 5.4% to NZ$1.0 billion Construction of offices, administrative buildings and buildings for public transport rose by 6.3% to NZ$981 million