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Danger zone of the volcano Vesuvius

Naples Slavonic 14.01.2020 at 09:34

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As noted by researcher Giuseppe Mastrolorenzo, before the evacuation plan was activated only the boundaries of the city. But the Vesuvius has no boundaries. And then, the plan should be included at least three million people, not 600 thousand. The volcano with the settlement Recently in the city of San Giorgio a Cremano held a press conference to discuss the update of the evacuation plan in the risk zone of the volcano Vesuvius. After recent activity in Campi Flegrei, the Council pays attention to the volcano that is "sleeping” since 1944 and is under constant control. However, due to the absence of an updated evacuation plan, it was announced that citizens of the "red” zone must leave the territory in case of an eruption. The Vesuvius volcano Researcher Giuseppe Mastrolorenzo failed to draw up a new plan in the event of an emergency on the Vesuvius, as it was discovered that there is no scientific basis for the script. He said that currently the monitoring shows that the situation is under control and the volcano in peace. However not the fact that it will continue. After all, Vesuvius might at any time go into a critical state, which would entail danger to the nearest volcano population. Source: co-author: Maxim Panov (maxi9694) Naples in Slavonic to Read on the subject: the majestic crater of mount Vesuvius