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"Haval F7 feel like a potato in deep fat": What "joy" of waiting in the operation of the crossover – owner

MComp 18.01.2020 at 08:49

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The Motorist told about the troubles faced by the Chinese car.

yesterday at a forum of motorists appeared opinion, telling people what "the joy of" waiting for operation Haval F7. It was written by the owner of the SUV, which drove 30,000 km, starting with his headlamp.

According to the motorist you should not take Haval F7 with halogen headlights. He noted that he bought his "Chinese" is not in the base, but have noticed that it does not include led optics. On the first night of the trip, the driver realized that the "galogenki" even in the most raised position poorly illuminate the road surface, and distant light "more light air corridors to aircraft, rather than the road driver."

most of the motorist was upset with odors in the crossover. "Haval F7 feel like a deep – fried potatoes" – the slogan of the driver considers suitable for "Chinese". He explained that in one of the longer trips, the car is warmed up, and while stopped at a traffic light in the cabin, there was a pungent smell of burning grease or plastic.

the Driver was frightened, because it seemed to him that in his Haval F7 something caught fire. However, inspection of the car right at the traffic lights did not show any source of smoke or fire either under the hood or anywhere else. The trip was continued and the unpleasant smell was felt, though not as much as in the beginning. Recently, on a run of 30 000 km, the car was driven to-3 to the dealer and the motorist asked the "officials" the origin of the stench.

Mechanics with outrageous calm and without any regret, replied: "It's normal". The bottom Haval F7 so liberally lubricated with mastic that it hits the exhaust system and other elements that heat up in traffic. Hence the smell of burning. "But not rotted for 30 000 km," fun calm mechanics.

the Dealer promised that over time, the mastic will "evaporate". And really, as you run, the problem is the smell of burning Haval F7 becomes less noticeable. But the impression of the car is still flawed, even more so, its cabin is not perfectly protected against unpleasant odours from outside. "Like with the Windows open go" – complained the owner of the SUV, and added that replacement of the cabin filter does not solve the problem.

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