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Analytics Premium includes The Latest Tools from Leading Developers in the Financial Market

IGeek — news of high technologies 14.01.2020 at 09:52

IGeek - news of high technologies. Reviews of computers and laptops, interesting gadgets and novelties of the market. Gaming industry news and online services.

Want to have information, then the portal Premium Analytics is what you need. Admiral Markets clients receive unlimited and free access to its functions.

it contains the best tools that enable clients to stay in the center of events, properly manage their finances, investment portfolio, based on fresh and accurate information.

Dow Jones, Trading Central Acuity is the market leader, whose products are in demand. Their tools and assembled at the portal. Each calendar widget or the analysis can be customized to the needs of the user.

to use the proposed functions of the portal, will be determined with account: demo or real account. Each has its own characteristics and set of tools including calendars, evaluation of current standing of market of analytical data.

Hurry to take advantage of the offer from Admiral Markets, please register and get access to the Premium features Analytics today!

As functions of the portal quite a lot, so the resource is popular among seasoned and novice professionals.

the Professional traders use only fresh and relevant data that allows you to stay ahead of the competition and make educated investments. To do this, Dow Jones is a tool, which contains not only the latest news but also their analysis.

the Collected Forex tools presented in real-time. They can be classified, taking account of trade instruments, as well as the date. To test the function of resource suitable demo account – it is free and provides 200 news per month, but for serious work without a real account not do. With it, you can get up to 800 news and be informed of the latest events.

the Upcoming economic events are collected and graphically represented in economic calendars developed by Dow Jones. Clients Admiral Markets will appreciate the fresh selection, it will be able to rely on actual data to outperform your competitors.

the Opening real account to evaluate the possibility of corporate calendars, corporate dividends, income, and lists of meetings held each year.

the Presented tools will help the trader to follow the progress of activities of any Corporation, its successes and failures. After receiving information about the latest developments in their course, detail will be able to avoid losses, to make a correct decision.

Widget presented Acuity allows you to get instant access to the latest updates in the market. In the development of the main role went to machine processing, can analyze the text of millions of news articles to find hidden information. The obtained data are visualized for a more understandable form.

This widget uses a unique machine learning technology to identify hidden information from the text, presenting it in a visually appealing and intuitive form. When independent data processing would take a lot of time, which is just not there. In addition, the information would lose its relevance.

to get a more full picture of all the data on the latest developments, tools and content presented in a single window.

it is Not surprising that such account selected by the traders to work on the market because it has several advantages:

Hurry to enjoy all the features of a real account to Premium Analytics! To do this, open your Trader's Cabinet and request for account opening.

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