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Error when losing weight

Article of the website 19.01.2020 at 19:00

Latest articles site all about diets and losing weight

Today's article is about the mistakes one can make when losing weight.

Many people in the fight against excess weight using different diets you've heard about from friends or found information on the Internet without thinking about whether it is appropriate for them. So according to who, die each year about 300 thousand people who tried to lose weight on their own and were tested on various strict diets, fen-phen, took large doses of diuretics.

And some cleanse the body by washing of the intestine, are so-called colon hydrotherapy. Be on the scales after this procedure and are happy that weight minus 5-6 kg, not realizing that lost is not fat, and feces, with whom he has washed out all the beneficial bacteria that protect our body and boost immunity.

Some nutritionists suggest to eat fractionally every 2 hours, citing the fact that this diet is not the feeling of hunger. What happens? The hormone ghrelin, which is secreted by the walls of an empty stomach sends a signal to the brain about the feeling of hunger. When you receive food into the stomach, its walls are stretched, the secretion of ghrelin stops, and the brain perceives the satiety. People with overweight stomach is stretched and when you receive small amounts of food, the stomach wall is not stretched and not saturation occurs. These people constantly go hungry. In addition, the fractional power leads to the release of the hormone insulin, which depletes the pancreas and contributes to obesity development.

So it is not necessary to test different methods of weight loss, it can seriously hurt you.

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