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Habra detective: you have a picture of lost

The best publications per day 19.01.2020 at 08:11

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Have You ever wondered how much information is lost without a trace? Because information is something for which there is Habr. I know that often happens to resources based on custom publications? The authors insert images, pictures and videos from other sites and after some time they are no longer available. It is for this when it was Habrastorage. Experience has shown that no one (except the editors and a few enthusiasts) does not load the image there yourself. Because at some point the administration Habra make it automatic — every image that is found in the publication, is automatically loaded into the warehouse and there will not be lost while there he Habr. Of course, there are exceptions, and something can go wrong, but this is not about them.

the biggest problem in this whole scheme with uploading images in Habrastorage occurred during its implementation. By the time some of the old publications have already been without pictures, but because and remain so. Today we will try to figure out how much graphical information was lost Habr since its birth. In addition, we might be able to find something of the missing? After all, this annoying plug "the image could not be loaded", right? Today detective dedicated to this. Let's get started!

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